Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We Kneed This


Three PAX emerged after the rain for a run while the mayor of Sunday Funday was out.

Flipper, Offshore and Sally took Idlewood to Oregon Hill to Belle Isle to the access road.  Saab went the other way around and took Riverside Drive to Mayo Bridge (?) and back on the northside.  PAX waved to each other across the Belle Isle parking lot as they nearly crossed paths.

YHC and Flipper discovered and enjoyed new views of Hollywood Cemetery(?) along Cherry Street and of the river by running upstream along the access road.   Just when you think you’ve seen it all!

Sally was measuring puddle depths by running straight to the deepest parts of each.  YHC and Flipper drew up conspiracies to stop the rain and induce a drought: 1) carry an umbrella everywhere, 2) plant grass seed in the yard.  Additional ideas welcome.

Tclaps to Saab and Flipper for enduring knee pain.  Hey, even the worst Sunday Funday is a great day.

Announcements: Saab and TYA are participating in an event on the AT this spring.  Somehow, a team moves themselves and a vehicle along a 100-mile portion, but it is not a relay.  TYA has a spreadsheet.



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  1. I’ve learned that if you plant grass seed then it rains even harder and washes the seed away?

  2. Saab held the Mayo today….

    Yes Kubota, that would be typical of my seed as well….(we’re still talking about grass correct?)