Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Replacement Q and Lots of Bears


Nine of F3’s finest posted on a very pleasant Saturday morning at GridIron (the Boneyard).   Chum Bucket had been on schedule to Q, but had to call for a replacement due to illness. YHC (Johnsonville) stepped up without much of a plan, and this what went down, more or less:

COP warmup near VSF with SSH, don quiotes, imperial walkers, hillbillies, and Alabama prom dates (double leg to single leg).   Mosey to corner of parking lot adjacent to restrooms.

COP warmup (continued) with merkins, Suzanne Somers, and LBCs.

Pair up.  Bearimeter catch me if you can around parking lot with one partner crawling while the other does 10 squats.  Catch and flip roles.   Do 2nd Bearimeter catch me with non-crawler doing 10 tow-count bicycles.

Mosey down to raised circular bed at corner of parking lot near playground.  Plank walk counterclockwise around bed.  Run the perimeter of the parking lot doing 5 burpees at far corner.  Repleat plank walk clockwise.

Line up at the same corner of the parking lot (near playground).  Do 11s running to far corner (nearest entrance) starting with 10 F3-count flutter kicks, then running back and dong 1 Lt. Dan.  Repeat 9/2, 8/3, 7/4, etc. to 1/10.  Around the middle of the 11s, YHC called an audible and changed one of the runs to a backward run.  YHC then changed the last run to a bearcrawl.

Mosey to playground.  Pair up for Jerkin ladder from 8 to 1.

Mosey back to VSF.  End with Pirate Captain Thors (1 crabcake, 4 american hammers, 1/8, 3/12 … to 10/40).

Mosey to parking lot for

COT with Earthworm taking us out.  Coffeeteria with all but Attilla, who had to coach basketball.

Great work men!  Johnsonville


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