Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Jackie Joyner Handshake


43 of Richmond’s finest men appeared before dawn’s early light to start their Saturday in a way that most people only dream of! YHC needs a new watch but Kubota kept me up to speed. 0555, warning declared….”Hot Potato Q.” 0600……let’s mosey.

COP—x 12 Don Quixote’s. x 15 Copperhead Squats (PAX did not like YHC cadence, go figure), so quiet time.  x 10 Burpees. x 12 LBC’s, x 5 Burpees. Enough. Let’s get this party started. Mosey to The Lawn.

Partner Carries with Merkins—> Partner carries for 30 steps and each partner x 15 Merkins. Switch and repeat. Down The Lawn and back.  Q handed over to Wilson but Wilson was carrying a backpack. Try again. Q handed over to Hitchhiker, who stated, “What to do now?” Hitchhiker handled the call well and over to the amiptheatre the PAX went.

Incline Merkins and Dips…..a few practice exercises and PAX directed….row 1=x 17 Merkins and x 1 Dip, row 2=x 16 Merkins and x 2 Dips. Continue set count up the rows til x 1 Merkin and x 17 Dips completed. Or as rumor has it, something like that! Q handed over to Seymore. Back to The Lawn.

Hoops Challenge…..Seymore lead the PAX in a few basketball drills, including charge and down we went. Several minutes to feet slides, rapid fire foot stomps, and charges and Q handed over to Sippy Cup. Mosey over to the stage.

Rocky Prep Work…..Sippy Cup instructed PAX to form a circle and lead us in shadow boxing. Many jabs, hooks, upper cuts, and skull crushers later….lead with both L and R foot had PAX ready for the ring. Q hand over to EF Hutton. Mosey back to roundabat circle.

PAX circles up. Q picked an exercise-started with Monkey Humpers. One PAX member picked to run around the circle and the PAX member directly opposite chose to run too. Run in clockwise motion. Q picked several exercises while PAX awaited their turn to sprint the circle. Modified Duck, Duck, Goose. With 3 to spare, Q handed back to YHC and time to see the flags again.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Shakedown lining up a Pint-Wood Derby race at Ardent-stay tuned! Puppy Pile next Saturday-see Ollivander.

YHC took us out!

NMS- 0530 gathering at EF for 1.8 mile run to Dogpile was outstanding. Seeing those flags fly as we trotted down Cary Street made YHC heart fill. That was the reason YHC woke up early for extra credit.  And the run back, taking up the R lane of Cary Street with cars and buses honking their horn. No better way to start Saturday!!

YHC tried to mix up cadence in a funny way….fail….so burpees silences a crowd!

Hithhiker- just grab the Q, keep us moving, and great job! Seymore, Sippy Cup, Bootleg, and EF Hutton-oustanding work and way to make Dogpile awesome this morning!!

Back blast title was decided at the wonderful 2nd F. And boy, did F3 RVA take over this morning. All tables in use but one! And the PAX brought so much dirt we helped sweep before we left. Anyway, Handshake sure was moving around the circle that someone may have compared him to Jackie Joyner. Handshake, perfect compliment!

Men, way to start your Saturday and weekend in a perfect way. As YHC reflects from this past week, YHC was humbled again by all Q’s and reminded how special and unique F3 RVA is. Complacency may set in but do not let it settle, for we have been given a gift and blessing. YHC was reminded that with flags held high and an awesome group of men and 2.0 out to work our mind, body, and spirit.

YHC is PROUD of F3 RVA. Continue to make the weekend superb!

Only those who post understand!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Nice job guys. Strong today and great leadership from all the Qs. Excellent closing words, flatline.
    It was fun realizing we weren’t leading the PAX in the amphitheater, CK. Upchuck, way to rock partner carries.
    Great to chat with CK, Spit, Wilson, and others at ETs. See y’all in the gloom

  2. Top 10 moments from early this morning:
    10: Fudd shining headlamp in Saab’s eyes
    9: Bone Thug freakin sprinting around traffic circle
    8: Jumping on Lab Rats back with running starts during partner carries
    7: Fudd’s appearance during COP
    6: Seymour’s two straight lines
    5: Finally experiencing Sippy’s shadow boxing(freakin loved it)
    4: Fudd shining light in Saab’s eyes a second time
    3: Hitchhiker absolutely smokin’ my arms!
    2: Running through Carytown to Dogpile with 10 other men and 4 Shovel Flag!!!!
    1: Spending part of my morning with 42 other guys and girl and having a blast!!!
    Well done Flatline and other Q’s
    The official “Breakfast Club Run” will be departing ET’s parking lot every Saturday morning at 0530! Boom!

  3. Very solid morning, gentlemen. Way to push. Thank you, Sugar Sock, for keeping me going on the PCs.

    We learned a few things today…Woe be the man who calls for a Hitchhiker Q. My arms are smoked. And, Hardywood’s Korean interpretation skills are suspect.

    Also learned that determination has a name…Sippy Cup. My man had perfect form on steps 17 and 18 in the amphitheater. Well done. Thank you for the reminder that practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

    And, we are reminded that running with the flag just makes other people happy.

  4. Loved having a hand in a DogPile Q. Didn’t necessarily intend to create a competition but damn it was fun watching the PAX run around that circle.

    Solid job men. Think we missed Bootleg’s 4 corners in the details above.

  5. It was great being back at Dogpile this morning. Thanks for asking about my M this morning. She is hanging in there and getting a little better every day. Thanks to F3 for the
    Strength to be the husband I need to be for her. Some of you mentioned bringing food. Our friend Sara is coordinating meals for us.
    350.7042 is her number if you are interested. See you again soon!

  6. “Bottom” 10 moments from early this morning:

    10: Being part of the early-run contingent…running down Cary in the pre-dawn hours with flags flying and the F3 pax reminded me how fortunate I am to be part of something greater…(ok, that was a TOP moment)

    9: Realizing it was time to prepare for yet ANOTHER Fudd going-away party.

    8: My eyes having to readjust to the dark after addressing Fudd with his light on.

    7: Vinny’s reference to 70’s bush in the amphitheater…(ok, that was another TOP moment)

    6: Having to re-adjust my eyes AGAIN after addressing Fudd’s headlamp.

    5: Pretending to box while feeling like a “pansy”…(Sippy’s word… : )

    4: Return route to ET’s with the PAX with passers-by honking their horns and waiving….awesome.

    On second thought, that’s all I got…All around great day fellas!

  7. This morning was so fun, early morning Ruck then 43 PAX for Dogpile. Way to push on Pavarotti on the PCs. We definitely need more Sippy Fight Club.

  8. Good clean fun.

    Flatline your cadence is hilarious and you use the acronym YHC a lot. I mean a whole lot. Stands for Your Humble Correspondent. Just saying. Picture the whole phrase every time you read it and you will see what I mean.

    Me saying this doesn’t detract from my love for you. Way to get us going, wrap us up and then get the pinewood derby track going. You rock. I’m a curmudgeon.

  9. What an awesome day for a hot potato. Loved everything about it. The Breakfast Club momentum is real. Join us. It’s a really cool way to get in some extra credit. Saab, what’s the first rule of fight club? YHC mentioned a bush, and the 70s. 🙂

  10. It was great to start my day with 43 of Richmond’s finest!

    Flatline, I’m not sure I understand the reference, but to have my name referenced in a Dogpile Backblast Title is pretty cool!

  11. Loved the beatdown today. The pre and post run was a definite highlight. I took to heart Swirly’s words of wisdom on the run back to ET’s: “Things with this country might not be so great, but YOU can be great”. Well said Swirly. Well said.

  12. You are correct. Hurrying in the afternoon, YHC forgot to give Dogpile the credit of Bootleg’s 4 corners. After Sippy, before EF…..Four Corner around The Carillon. Corner 1, x 10 Merkins, Corner 2, x 20 LBC’s, Corner 3, x 30 Reverse LBC’s, Corner 4, x 40 Flutter Kicks.

  13. If I had a nickel for every time Flatline said YHC in a backblast….

    So glad I wore a headlamp…..Saab was clearly thrilled as well!

    Love this brotherhood….. Now I’m off to Colorado! See you next weekend ?

  14. So glad you still join us on Saturday Fudd. Safe travels, have a productive week, and damn man bring a brother a cookie or even a gummy bear ?