Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ellen Jane turns 8


The youngest spawn of YHC celebrates her 8th birthday today, so what better than a 8-themed (and 18-themed) beatdown at TwinTeam.
16 warriors assembled, and the celebration went something like this.


Circle around cars to pick up Lumburgh.
Mosey down to James River HS

Circle up on slanted parking lot for Circle of Pain (COP): 18 SSHs, 8 DQs, 18 Copperhead Squats, 18 Tempo Merkins, X’s & O’s (including a Gumbo 20 count during an ‘X’)

Mosey to Track parking lot and partner up for Touch-A-Lamp-Post:: 1 partner performs Lt. Dans while the other partner touches a lamp post and returns, switch, repeat-o up to 4 (can’t touch same lamp post twice)

Mosey into track facilities onto bleachers for Bleacher Space Invaders: 3 rows of 5-6 men, stand on bleacher facing top, stretch across 1-2 rows, plank walk to the left, climb up, plank walk to the right, hold plank – repeat-o x 2

Run 1.5 laps around track to the other set of bleachers. Line up for Ciabatta: Dips – 20s on, 10s off – repeat-o x 8

Mosey back to James River HS to side with poles for Triple Check: pole smokers, plank, run to first light + 30 monkey humpers

Audible called before completion due to lack of time

Mosey back to Bettie Weaver ES, circle up for 8 Count Pan Pax Body Builders – repeat-o x 8

Naked Moleskin:

It was a balmy 38 degree January morning….perfect temps for F3.
The cars kept turning into the parking lot this morning….great seeing such high numbers at Twin Team at all 3 instances in 2019

Touch-A-Lamp-Post took way longer than expected, while the Bleacher Space Invaders required muscles not used regularly and went faster than expected.

Great to use more of the AO this morning…don’t think we’ve ever made use of the Visitor bleachers before.

Thanks for celebrating YHC’s daugther’s birthday today…the scavenger hunt before breakfast was a hit!

Keep bringing more guys out.


Puppy Pile 1/26 @ 7:05am @ DogPile
Dr Tryhard Qing Twin Team next week


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  1. You always bring out something old and something new. Well done DK. Hope its a great birthday for your daughter.
    Have a great Friday men!

  2. Good Q, DK. Happy bday to your daughter! Great work all.
    Couple observations: first, I am sure the couple drivers ed cars full of 15-16 year olds admired the old men doing monkey humpers in their headlights. Did you know they were there? The spot you picked was directly in front of them. We are all a vine now, at least I think that’s what the kids call those short videos they do.
    Second, more of a note to self not to set up shop for a ciabatta next to Rosie who is a beast at all things and likes extra credit. Feet all the way up on the top rail for dips? Check. Power to get through all 8 sets like that? Check. Not that I was able to keep up, but I will sure feel my attempt to do so tomorrow.

  3. Great Q, DK. You seem to be gaining a true following to Twin Team…those number rival No Toll. Happy Birthday to you daughter. Eight was the age my daughter started becoming a daddy’s girl…enjoy it!

    The Monkey Humpers in the Headlights certainly brought a different feel to the workout…I felt dirty! haha.

    Have a great day, men!