Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Too tired for a title


8 hardy souls, including  a couple of 2.0’s, braved freezing temps to let iron sharpen iron.

COP, long form: SSH  Merkins   Smurf jacks  arm circles   helicopters   LBC’s  split jacks   Don Quixotes   Imperial walkers   mountain climbers   Freddie Mercurys

Mosey back to your bell for Triple, no wait, math doesn’t work, quadruple check!  2 groups of 4, 1 partner runs the bus loop, the other three split halos, lawnmowers and goblet squats, lots of fun!

Time for: don’t drop the soap!  Hold KB at arm’s length for as long as you can, when you give up, drop it and lunge to second light pole and back.  3 rounds of enjoyment

Form check time: 30 each of 2 handed swings, good mornings, tricep press and lunges.  Slow them all down, pay close attention to form, exercises down at about half speed.

Mosey to SF, numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


The Carpenter had the Q, got sick, YHC took the Q and the PAX crushed the workout. Thanks to Mudface for the modification suggestion on the triple check as YHC’s brain was frozen for a second or two (feet and fingers were numb for much of the workout).  Helix knew it was cold, even wore a hat.  Chewy and Fife did well with the cold, they complained way less than the PAX, including YHC, while Emoji just crushed the workout all toasty with handwarmers.  Nice job gents!

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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