Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Doctor Said This Was The Best Way


19 super studs gathered at The Max for some southside fun.  According to the reports on KKTY it went a little something like this.

Mosey to the base of the Twin Team hill for COP.

  • SSH X 40
  • Imperial Walker X 20
  • Cherry Picker X 20
  • Freddie Mercury X 20
  • Flutter Kick The Right Way X 40
  • Hand Release Merkins X 40
  • Suzanne Sommers X 1

Buddy Bands:  Fun fact; Saved By The Bell ran for 86 episodes.

  • Partner up.  One pax runs to predetermined mailbox up the hill and the other partner begins to do broadjump burpees.  Switcheroo and do this until 86 burpees have been dominated

Mosey to the top of Twin Team

Good Morning Miss Bliss:  Fun fact; Saved By The Bell was based on a Disney show starring the super foxy Haley Mills (of Parent Trap and Polyanna notoriety) and a young stud Jaleel White whom you may know better as Steve Urkel** (the name Urkel is going in the F3 name vault).  This original series was based on 4 characters.

  • Partner up.  One pax runs down the hill to a predetermined driveway and the other pax begins one of four exercises going down hill; Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Lunge, Backwards Lunge.  Switcheroo until the exercises have led you to the end point.

I’m So Excited About Monkey Humpers: Fun fact; Scott Gale wrote the theme song for Saved By The Bell.  But did you know he also wrote music (but not the theme song) in Golden Girls.  #themoreyoukonw #neverforget #blanchstrong

  • Run from the telephone pole back to the start and at each mailbox (5 Total) complete the following exercises.  40 monkey humpers, 10 hand release merkins.

Mosey back to the flag.

Numberama, namerama, Gumbo led us out.

News; otherwise know as Dr. Tryhard’s to do list:

  • New AO starts on 4/4 at Hugenut High School.  The name has not been confirmed but these options are under consideration in order of awesomeness;  Hugenuts, Orchitis and Forge
  • RVA shirts are in the works and wait for it…they are gonna have our names on it.  This came after long deliberation.  The following options were preemptively rejected by DTH; no tuxedo t-shirts, no Big Johnson themed shirts and no tank tops.  Looks like medical school gave him wisdom but took away his sparkle.
  • There’s an obstacle race in October at the Richmond Raceway.  He’s got a discount code for it, but sounded more like some babyboomers aol email address, you’ll have to get it from him.  CSAUP – 10/5/19 Terrain Race at Richmond Intl Raceway – Sign up for F3 Team “Mean Mean Stride” – password CSAUP4FUN. 0930 Start time. (https://www.active.com/richmond-va/running/distance-running-races/terrain-race-richmond-free-2019)
  • His VQ is next Tues 1/15 at Heartbreak Ridge.  He’s described it as “Shakeweight strong workout with an influence of post modern jazzercise guaranteed to get you looking great for spring break speedo season”.
  • YHC heard on Nextdoor that a band of middle aged men with heavy sacks have been grinding it out in the mornings.  YHC would like to put your family and HOA at ease.  It’s just our brothers getting ready for Grow Ruck.  Please see Marmaduke, Honeymoon, Honey Do, Shakedown or Wilson for details.
  • Puppy Pile is on 1/26 led by Ollivander.  Do this and bring your kids. 7:05am sharp.
  •  Kubota and Vinny are taking the lead on Breaking Bread.  See the Q sheet for openings.
  • Please send thoughts, prayers, texts and offers to help Opus and his family.  His M is on the mend with a long road ahead.
  • 5:30 at in the Ellwoods parking lot for some extra credit.  YHC and other will be running to Dogpile and getting in some easy miles.  Running with a shovel flag is encouraged.

NMS:  Way to work today fellas!!  After seeing last weeks big numbers at TT, YHC knew I had to plan something a little special.  After an apparent burpee and HRM fast yesterday, YHC wanted to make sure we did not have any lingering deficiencies. Great to see so many guys out just starting their F3 journey.  Today was the 3rd workout for Lumburg!!  Way to go brotha.  YHC could never tell you how much I appreciate your effort, your encouragement and simply showing up.  Extra big kudos to the greatness that is Sugar Sock.  He’s done 6 of 7 on YHCs Farewell To Hate Tour.

Make it a great one fellas.  Dig a little deeper, get it all out and be super.



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  1. Fellas, I know I should be tired but you guys have absolutely brought it this week. In all seriousness, thank you for showing up an kicking butt. You are good men and it’s a privilege to be associated with you.

  2. Alan Thicke wrote and sang the theme song for Different Strokes. If you liked Save By The Bell The College Years, we can no longer be friends. Great work gents!

  3. Hardywood, Hardywood, Hardywood…of all the ways to get up Twin Team Hill Broad Jump Burpees may be one of the worst. And the plethora of HRMs today…OUCH! It hurt so good. Thank you sir, but I don’t want another. I’m sincerely bummed that I can’t make it to Dogpile to witness and celebrate the end of the Week of Hardywood. Good God man, give the PAX a rest!

    In all seriousness, I meant what I said in COT today. You bring a level of energy and motivation to this group that is unmatched. We are all stronger for having you in our group and for you leading us this week. Thank you and congrats on a fantastic week.

    Great numbers for TT guys. Don’t be strangers. Great to work with Goose and Mr. Roper today. Great job fellas. Great to meet Lumberg as well. Keep posting SOJ!

    Have a great Friday men!

  4. Hardywood, another great Q man. To echo Gumbo’s comments, your energy, humor and enthusiasm make the group better, and your beat-downs make it stronger. Thank you. Been a heck of a ride trying to keep up this week. See you tomorrow for the final leg.

    Nice job to all this morning, 19 out there posting with temps in the mid 20’s at Twin Team is something to take notice of, and going up and down that hill is the truth. Way to dominate.

  5. My insight on SBTB College Years. I remember when Jordan played for the Wizards. I did not like it, but I understood why. It made me more willing to accept the end of a good thing.

  6. Great job Sugar Sock! I appreciate the kind words brotha. You’ve started this year off in the most optimal of ways. Let’s do this!!

  7. Third dose of Hardywood this week did not go down any easier than the first two….but, then again, I didn’t expect it to. Way to keep rockin’ it!

  8. There was no way Hardywood was not using that hill today on his End of Hate tour of RVA. Well done, I always know where to look for that extra push, especially up that hill, thanks Hardly.
    Love to see the big numbers at TT, , great work, it was crowded and dark on the hill.
    By the way, you left Bullseye off the PAX list.

  9. The numbers of Pax posting at your Q’s this week says it all, Hardywood! They like the fact that you make it hard and they like your leadership.

  10. My kids are currently streaming some Netflix/Disney show where Tiffany Amber Thiesen is the mom…
    It’s kinda awkward, actually.

  11. You know it’s good when the Q’s belly laughter interrupts his otherwise perfect cadence record. Can’t wait to see how you top it all off tomorrow!

  12. Hardywood, many ditto’s to the comments above. I’m regretful that I will not be able to make it tomorrow AM, but have truly appreciated the 3 whippings this week…ok, minus the Monkey Humpers.

    Nice work this week, Sugar. 6 F3 posts and 3 Youth Wrestling posts (those kids can bring the pain as well…haha), you have definitely rocked it!

    Have a great weekend, fellas. FLY EAGLES FLY!