Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Like An Old Jack Rabbit On The Frozen Ground


20 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day.  If there was ever a time for a proper barn dance to celebrate all that is glorious in our fair commonwealth, then today is that day.  According to the rave reviews on the blog Square Dancing History, it went a little something like this.

COP IC X 20:  SSH, CP, WWII, FC, IW.  IC X 10: HRM, HRM LL, HRM RL. Arm circle X 1 RIPFD

Mosey to tennis courts

Bear Crawl Suicide:  Line up facing the empty four courts.  Bear crawl to the first court midline and run backwards to start.  Bear crawl to the first court far sideline and run backwards.  Bear crawl to the second court midline and run backwards.  Follow this pattern until you have bear crawled to the fourth court end line.

Ode to Bobby Hurley and not Christian Laettner:  Facing south on the courts and starting at one end, skip horizontally to the end of the fourth court and complete 1 Bobby Hurley.  Still facing the same way horizontally skip back the start.  Go back to the fourth court to the second line from the end and complete 2 Bobby Hurley’s, then back to the start.  Do this formula for success until you have completed 10 Bobby Hurley’s or blown out your knees.

Do-Si-Do The Hard Way:  Fun fact, while Kliff Kingsbury was the Texas Tech starting QB and hitting on YHC’s now wife in English class, YHC was perfecting the lost art of calling a square dance.  Seeing as Kliff got a new venue to share his talents, YHC would like to do the same here. Cue fiddle music:

Take your partner round and round,

Make four stops and hit the ground.


In the first corner here’s what you’ll see.

10 boo ya merkins and 5 burpees..

Now toss those legs up to 20 times,

Then to the next stop for a few more rhymes.


At the next corner you’ll do-si-do,

And find a new partner to be your bro.

Repeat the exercises 123,

And move real quick just like the breeze.


Repeat these steps at all four stops,

It’s too cold to wear flip-flops.

When you find the end I think you’ll know,

You’ll see your buddies and spill merlot.


Run back to Old Glory to end our game,

Then count your numbers and say your name.

Dr. Tryhard grabbed the fellas and led us out,

And that’s how we ended this workout.



  • Puppypile is on 1/26 at 7:05am.  This is important.  Show your kids you are tough.  It’s also important to see how tough your kids are.  Do this.
  • There’s a whole lot of rucking going on.  See Marmaduke, Honeymoon or Wilson for details.
  • Dr. Tryhard has his VQ next Tuesday.  Apparently it’s an all Shakeweight workout.  Should make one hell of a backblast and deposition.
  • If we weren’t impressed enough, Dr. Tryhard is launching a new AO on 4/4 at Hugenuts High School called The Forge.  See him for details.
  • Well, looky here another announcement from Dr. Tryhard.  He’s working on a custom shirt order with the good folks at Mud Gear. Next thing you know he’ll be doing the lords work in some third world country.
  • Keep Opus and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  The surgery for his M went good.  That is the first step of many. TClaps to Circle K and Lab Rat for taking the lead on ensuring his sidewalk and driveway are clean this weekend.

Moleskin:  YHC learned this morning that we have multiple people who have lost weight greater than or equal to Swirly’s Monster Mode vest.  Posh, Vinny and Handshake are on that list.  Give them a high five, but no carbs.

Make it a good one fellas.  It’s nobody else’s job but yours.

Dig a little deeper, get it all out and be super.




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  1. Way to work fellas! Be sure to call or text your brother who are on IR, haven’t been out in a while or who have obligations that are keeping them away. This is as important as showing up.

  2. Hardywood! You are a leg-smokin MACHINE! Thanks for the beat down. Clarification in my announcements as follows:

    – Individualized F3 Name RVA Mudgear T’s will be available soon – Limited time offer – awaiting price options.

    – NEW OA ALERT – “The FORGE” Bootcamp Style OA at Huguenot HS (Bon Air Area) will begin on the 4th day of the week, 4th day of month, on the 4th month of the year (4/4/19). #AdditionByDivision!

    – CSAUP – 10/5/19 Terrain Race at Richmond Intl Raceway – Sign up for F3 Team “Mean Mean Stride” – password CSAUP4FUN. 0930 Start time. (https://www.active.com/richmond-va/running/distance-running-races/terrain-race-richmond-free-2019)

    – YHC will VQ this coming Tue (1/15) at Heartbreak Ridge – wear your brown pants. 🙂

  3. I think you misspelt Hugenuts and I appreciate that you did not repudiate the fact your VQ will be an all Shakeweight workout.

  4. Typing fast is not my friend. The M had actually suggested “HugeNuts” as a name for the new AO… Other options were “Bon Pain”, “UvsU”, Ball of Pain”, “We the PAX”, and “Credo”. But The FORGE wins it for all around badassness and depth of meaning.

  5. How about Hardywood’s hidden talent? Who knew? Hilarious BB. And, looks like a smoker of a beatdown. I think you deserve a day off, sir. Tomorrow looks good.

    Dr. Tryhard…way to live your name sir. You may have set an announcement record today…only Big Data knows. But…what’s this about “pants” at HBR?? HoneyDo, didn’t you teach Dr. T about SOP? HC for me, sans pants.

  6. Bobby Hurley would be proud. I’m team UNC, but I approve of your message today. You missed a golden opportunity to work in the Windsor Farms Do Si Dos However. Next time. Job well done young man.

  7. Wonderful Q, Hardlywood! I hate that tennis court right now. Can’t wait for Saturday’s finale! Thanks to all my partners for smelling my coffee breath during boo yah merkins

  8. Killer beatdown HD. For a guy who just hit 40 your Q was that of a 25 year old.

    I got to know the tennis courts in an intimate way today…no time for pickle pounders…no sir.

  9. The bear crawls were character builders….as well as some shoulder mass. I liked the Do-Si-Do and swapping off partners added a new dynamic.

    Backblast remains the most anticipated read of the day.

  10. How did I not read this BB sooner… maybe my favorite of all time… my favorite part is I can see you at Texas Tech in Neon Spandex and your Roller Blades practicing this Square Dance Call… What a visual