Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Taking it to Hardywood, SOJ style


A PAX of 5 defied the draw of a Hardywood WDOG Q to post to the Source of Truth.
YHC had the Q…and a SOJ beatdown was in order….it went something like this:


No Slaughter Start – no burps to save Bullseye’s neck/back issues…
Therefore, mosey around school back to front of school

COP: SSH, DQs, Imperial Walkers, Tempo Merkins, Plank, Hello Dollies, LBCs

Mosey around school back to front of school

Partner up to Touch a Tree: partner 1 performs Lt. Dans, partner 2 touches a tree and runs back. Repeato, touch 1x tree each round, don’t touch same tree twice, bear crawl between tree 1 & 2….up to 5

Mosey around school and down to track, around wrong way to bleachers

8 round Chiabatta: step ups/box jumps

run lap around track back to bleachers…then to wall

Wall Walkers: 5 together as PAX – plank, then step back, feet on wall, walk feet up, back hand/arms up until balls-to-wall for 3 seconds, walk back down wall to plank

Back to Bleachers for 4 round Chiabatta: dips

Find spot on track for ABCs: spell capital letters A-Z with legs, hands under bum

Mosey back to VSF for COT – Gumbo took us out.


Puppy Pile Jan 26 – sons & daughters welcome

Grow Ruck during opening weekend of NCAA men’s bball tournament

Naked Moleskin:

YHCs call at NoToll to show up to SOT resulted in a solid 5. Had there been more, professional networking between Singer & Bullseye may have never happened. It’s one of the things YHC loves most about F3: organic networking between 2 dudes with similar approaches and values.

Sysco was delivering a food dropoff to the school this morning. The dude performing the work was in a navy blue hoodie…and he looked like Wilson from a distance. @Wilson: any chance you were there?

Where’s New Market at SOT, btw? Seriously. Stop pumping each other at the gym on Wednesday mornings….or is it just Honeymoon and Sparky pumping each other on Wednesdays? Seriously.

We would have made Hardywood proud on his birthday week sojourn…especially when we were ALL sweating during the wall walkers…not like Trump’s Wall, btw.

3 times in the last 3 workouts, YHC has been asked to “take us out” and has declined due to “not feelin’ it”….however, after watching our 45th President and our current Speaker of the House & Senate Minority Leader speak “to the people” last night, YHC would be happy to “take the PAX out” next time the opportunity arises. Qs be forewarned: there may NOT be a separation of church and state if this is the case.

Peace, love, Hardywood’s birthday and Alex Smith’s broken leg,
Döner Kebab


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  1. Bullseye, thanks for keeping me on track in 2019.
    Gumbo, we cracked open a bottle of red wine while making dinner tonight. Duh-oh!

  2. Good workout DK. I appreciated the lack of Burpees and HRMs and even continued the moratorium today at Timberwolf. Get back on the bus DK – today’s a new day!

  3. Yes you did make me proud. Wall walkers, ball walkers, whatever you are into as long as you are true to yourself. #dkstrong #neverforget #southsidetillidie