Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Supposed To Hurt


Eight stalwart men met at Manndate to swing some cast iron. Here is what happened.



Run through the parking lot, find a bus, touch it, and return to base. KB swings until the six arrives.



  • Arm swings (big) – forward, backward, sideways, cross in front each direction; all IC x 10 (sort of)
  • Helicopters IC x 10
  • DQ IC x 10
  • IW IC x 10
  • T-Merkins IC (8-count) x 5
  • Flutter kicks IC x 10
  • Hello Dollies IC x 10
  • Rosalitas IC x 10


Again, run to find a bus, touch it, return to base, KB swing until the six.


KB Ladder

Start with the following circuit:

  • One-handed swing x 5 each side
  • High pulls x 5 each side
  • Snatch x 5 each side
  • Windmill x 5 each side
  • SSH for the six

Rest one minute and then repeat the circuit adding one of the below. Windmills are always the finale:

  • Clean & press x 5 each side
  • Double lunge x 5 each side
  • Squat & press x 5 each side

Ten minutes of Gumby (stretching)



Nameorama, Numberama, Chewie took us out.



The 2.0s launched into the spotlight early during the opening run to the buses. Fife sprinted like a bat out of Hades, while I think Pinky attempted to give some advice about pacing. This is called a “positive split” – Fife knew what he was doing. Then Chewie was chastised by Mud Face for “always jumping in front of me when we start running.” In cross-country, this is called “positioning”. Chewie, too, knew what he was doing. Well done, boys.


The group really started to get out of hand during the COP counting. YHC decided to continue the repetitions until the group reached numerical consensus. That technique seemed to work. Will remember that.


The BB title comes from Pinky offering yet more questionable paternal advice, this time during the KB ladder. Certainly the choice of exercises – particularly Windmill – elicited much groaning, and some popping noises. When some such noise came from Fife, Pinky let him know, “It’s supposed to hurt.” In all seriousness, through F3 YHC has become much more attuned to what discomfort is harmful, and what discomfort is a helpful challenge. Probably extends to much of life. In any case, YHC stands by the disclaimer explicitly provided at the beginning of the workout: “I am not a personal trainer; push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself.


Kudos to Emoji who glided through each circuit of the KB ladder – always with positive vibes, and to Pinky who epitomized “push yourself”. YHC has a feeling Bulkhead rocked this workout, too, but he was standing too far away to know for sure.


As usual, it was an honor to lead you.



Please keep Opus’s M and Fife’s pet in your thoughts, as both are facing surgery.




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