Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

UpChuck Stuns PTA Moms with Ground Effects


Six of F3RVA’s finest posted after dark (1830) at the Linwood Holton ES.  The parking lot was mostly filled, and the PTA moms streamed out of the School as we entered the gloom.  Thankfully they refrained from giving catcalls this time.  This is what went down, more or less:

Warmup with 20x ssh, 20x don quiotes, 20x imperial walkers, 15x scorpion kicks, 10x merkins.

Mosey around school clockwise to western side. Drop to knees for Jack Webbs (ascending ladder starting at 1 merkin, on knees 1×4 arm raisers, 2 merkins, on knees 2×4 arm raises, 3 merkins, on knees 3×4 arm raises, etc. to 10).

Mosey a little ways north to the covered picnic area.  Line up around high-end picnic tables for Ciabatta box jumps or step ups (standard 8 min tabata).

Continue around school clockwise past the abandoned house to the school’s NE corner.  Pause for Ciabatta half-burpees (standard 8 min tabata).

Continue around school clockwise to the bus loop on the east side.  Pause for Ciabatta standing mountain climbers (standard 8 min tabata), but with a twist — at 2nd rest, do 1 burpee; at 3rd rest, do 2 burpees; at 4th rest, do 3 burpees; at 5th rest, do 2 burpees; at 6th rest, do 1 burpee.  The rests were not really rests…

Indian run around the bus loop 3 times.

Mosey over to the soccer field.  Pause for Ciabatta polar bears alternating forward and backward (standard 8 min tabata).

Mosey back to VSF ending with a bit of Mary and a ring of fire.

COT with YHC taking us out.

Moleskin:  I am not sure how we packed so much into 45 minutes.  But, we did, and the pax was going at it hard.  I know this is Scrooge-y, but if feels real nice to be on the other side of the holidays.  The Jack Webbs were a repeat from Saturday’s GridIron, and most enjoyed them both times.  A number of pax opted for the more difficult box jump option.  8 min of half burpees is just a bi**.   It was nice to get a hard workout in after work, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share the workout with outs.

Announcements:  PuppyPile late in the month (check the dogpile backblast for details).   If you interested in training for an April 50k, let Chum or me know.  We are working on building a foundation and will start to ramp up mileage in a few weeks.




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  1. Respect! Sounds like a tough one, Jville. Hope you read Gumbo’s thoughts on Salisbury residents in yesterday’s River Run back blast…

  2. Great job Johnsonville! Way to crush the evening workout, those are killers after a long day. All of the northside thanks you for tampering your charm so that the PTA Moms could go home to their loving husbands. Well done sir, you are a good American.

  3. The positive side of PM workouts, PTA moms and catcalls. Only bus drivers at 0530. Are half burpees the same as “fake burpees”/Australian burpees, like the ones used for setting records? They still suck either way and I’m sure this version is good for your back.
    Respect for the self-accountability putting the 50k out there. Would be happy to log some miles if you want company on the Southside.

  4. I bet the PTA crowd was a little slow to pull away in their cars while they enjoyed the scenery.

    Whew, that was action packed. A Lotta Ciabatta. A real ballbuster with Jville adding burpees to the rest periods.

    Well done fellas. Good luck on that 50K…and by that I mean, I’m out!

  5. Nice to visit The Punisher again…hadn’t been out there since the CSAUP, and longer since I had hit a workout. Anyone who hasn’t done an evening workout should stop by. It’s a good time.

    Anyone driving on Hermitage at 6:40 p.m. got to see the Jack Webb Gospel Revival in full force. PTL those arms were shooting sky high.

    Also, nice to see Kujo, the 350 lb. German shepherd again. That’s a big puppy. Friendlier when walking with dad in the evening that walking with mom (alone) in the mornings…

  6. Plank. Jump feet to hands. Transfer weight to feet, but don’t lift hands. Jump back to plank. Repeat. Enough of those will make you long for the luxury of “real” burpees…

  7. There was some latent desire there. Let me tell you… that could have gotten out hand fast.

  8. Ha ha. I forgot to mention UpChuck’s brilliant observation that the Jack Webb hands thing could violate separation of church and state. Great to see ya last night!

  9. Who knew Punisher was still a thing. Glad to see it’s still in its glory. Looked like a great Q johnsonville.

  10. Yes, the much talked about, but rarely seen, OffShore standing APD. It’s like a wild lynx.