Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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22 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day proving that the south side was the right side, at least for today.  According to legend and some out of date text books, it went a little something like this:

COP IC:  SSH X 20, FC X 20, WWII X 20, HR Merkin X 10, HR RL Merkin X 10, HR LL Merkin X 10, CP X 10, Arm Circle X 1 (yes that’s right, just one.  that may even be too many).

Pain House:  Progressive Four Corners

Complete each exercise progressively with the pax regrouping at the end of each round. The exercises were as follows:

  • Corner 1: five burpees,
  • Corner 2: 10 hand release merkins
  • Corner 3: 20 World War II situps
  • Corner 4: 30 two count flutter kicks

On each progressive corner you start with the exercises from the previous corner.  For example, every time you hit corner one complete five burpees.  Every time you hit corner 2 complete five burpees and 10 hand release merkins.

  • Round #1: corner 1
  • Round #2: corner 1, corner 2, corner 1
  • Round #3: corner 1, corner 2, corner 3, corner 2, corner 1
  • Round #4: corner 1, corner 2, corner 3, corner 4, corner 3, corner 2, corner 1

Bonobos Ladder: Line up at one end of the parking lot.  Run to first line for 10 monkey humpers and run backwards to start.  Run to second line for 20 monkey humpers and run backwards to start.  Run to third line for 30 monkey humpers and run backwards to start. Run to second line for 20 monkey humpers and run backwards to start. Run to first line for 10 monkey humpers and run backwards to start.  Pax were also notified that if there was any slacking on monkey humpers they would be made to howl and beg for a bannana.

Are We Done Yet:  Partner up.  One pax run around the parking lot. The other pax begin bear crawling.  Once the bear crawl pax is caught by the runner the switcheroo.  The exercises are bear crawl, crawl bear and lunges.

Mosey back to the flag.

Numberama, namerama and YHC took us out.

News: Show your kids how awesome you are by taking them to puppy pile on 1/26.  Go down into the hall of paternal legends when you workout with your kid and then take them to Ellwood Thompsons for bacon, waffles and hippie gazing.

A Rucking Ruckus For A Cause; the men of F3 Richmond are loading up their packs not with books, computers and jelly sandwiches but with plates of steel to show solidarity with middle schoolers around the world that moving slow and being an outcast ain’t all that bad.  See someone with a loaded pack on how you can help and join the cause.  #backpackstrong #neverforget #harambe

Moleskin:  Way to represent southside!  22 is a strong number and you guys put on a show today.  Flange showed us all how it was done today.  He crushed every exercise and then to make us all feel bad he was nice about it.  Posh must be eating the same thing for breakfast that Sammy Sosa did as he absolutely crushed Pain House. Welcome

The title of the BB comes from a good piece of advice I picked up early in my Q journey.  If you hear the pax begin to turn up the volume on muble chatter, then it’s on you to turn it off.  The best way to do that is not with more Helicopters or armcircles, but with a hard exercise.  YHC may have been over confident and under competent in this strategy and the last set of left leg hand release merkins nearly led to a merlot spill.

Your talents are your blessings.  You have a moral obligation to share them.  The world is a better place when you do.

Dig a little deeper, get it all out and be super.




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  1. Way to work fellas. I have the deepest appreciation for your seemingly unending optimism and grit. You clearly have more than enough, so be sure to share it with others.

  2. Incredible Q Hardywood! I’m toast! Guess I should thank you for that??? Great to see some fellas I haven’t seen in a while! See ya in the gloom.

  3. SMOKEFEST….PERIOD. Man, that was jam packed and that was the worst 4 corners I have done in a long time. Also, I’m not sure I will be able to fully extend my legs for a while after those monkey humpers. Way to bring it and lead us to success Hardywood. Great work men.

    Welcome Sonny Bono!

  4. Way to start the morning off Hardywood. Those 4 corners were rough, watching Posh fly through everything made someone ask him how much weight he has lost. 30 lbs!! He is a lean, mean burpee machine now.

  5. Wow. Well done…. Best part was the bear crawl / crawl bear lap to ensure we didn’t talk anymore…. ?.

  6. Way to bring it today, fellas. Non stop action…

    Hardywood, I am really thankful your birthday is in January. Doing the progressive four corners is enough of a challenge…a July birthday with a side order of humidity would be a merlot generator, for sure.

    Welcome, Sonny Bono. Way to push.

    Congrats, Posh. 30 pounds!!

  7. Let’s also try to remember our special intentions today…if they happen. Vegas is taking bets…

  8. I am glad I wasn’t the only struggling big time on that last set of one legged hand release merkins.

    H-wood, way to bring the pain again. As for the four corners, I grumbled at the burpees, but you were right when you said “they are good for you.”

    I believe you also said “no more arm circles, I like you guys too much for that.” Outstanding leadership and way to challenge us. See you tomorrow!

    Posh – 30 pounds! awesome!

  9. Intention is for chumps. Execution is for champions. So the only logical choice you have is to be a chump or a champion.

  10. That was one heck of a smokefest, Hardywood! …the pain was real. Way to lead us this AM. Looking forward (I think) to whatever else you bring this week.

    Flange and Posh, great job on making the Pain House look easy…y’all were untouchable.

    Welcome Sonny Bono!

  11. Hardywood, you did not disappoint this morning. To put it in simple terms, I needed my arse kicked! Friday was my last post, so I had a little extra in the tank. Congrats on 40, my man. Agree with Upchuck…glad it doesn’t hit in mid July. Congrats to Posh on 30 lbs.!