Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where did everyone go??


6 Davillians including 2 2.0’s got their Monday started off right with a little stroll through the gloom

Mudface and YHC had their ruck sacks ready while the rest of the PAX walked along side

YHC was running behind so he didn’t pull up to the parking lot till 5:29 to find the PAX already heading out. I guess they are not on Garmin time.

After catching up, YHC kept the same pace and headed into Honey Meadows. After turning around at the halfway point, YHC noticed the rest of the PAX had taken a different route. Then arriving back at the parking lot, YHC noticed his car was the only one remaining. Where did everyone go?

Turns out No Idea needed to leave early so the main PAX only got in 2.5 miles. This meant that Pinky’s second 2.0 will have to be named another time.

YHC got a full 3 miles in at a 14:55 minute pace


  1. Keep Opus’ M in your prayers as she his having major surgery this week. Opus will be out for the next 2 1/2 weeks as well to help her.
  2. Tomato Run is officially a Ruck Monday till the end of March. Came out to get your time in fellas!

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