Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If you share your neighbors SUV, what else do you share?


8 Foot Soldiers arrived to BWES to see what was going on? YHC forgot his time keeper so Gumbo assisted throughout the morning….YHC had a 6 mile route for Rosie but he declined so….4 and 5 mile route explained and 0530 so up Twin Team to Ellesmere. R on Ellesmere to Brigstock. 4 milers take a R on Brigstock and back to Twin Team and down the slope. 5 milers, L on Brigstock to Mount Hill. R on Mount Hill and Mount Hill to Brigstock. L on Brigstock to Twin Team and down the slope!

Lead group moseyed around JRHS and lagging group met them head on at JRHS parking lot. PAX all finished together with Gumbo proclaiming there was 5 minutes left. Time for Mary….x 15 LBC’s and x 15 Box Cutters. Flip sides…..ROF- x 5 Merkins. Gumbo proclaimed one minute left so squat and hold till 0615.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Puppy Pile moved to January 26. Evidently a few Pax members are really excited about Hardywoods’ Q at Dogpile this weekend!! Hardywood has lost the hate!

YHC took us out!

NMS: So the title of the backblast……DK was borrowing his neighbors Jeep so that his niece can travel to Philly. Evidently Dk’s sister has more children than vehicles. Limehouse-great to run with you this morning. Gumbo thank you for time keeping and DK, I will stop asking.

Great for Pax members to head off lead group several times and finish the runs as a group!

Thank you for sacrificing the warm bed this morning to log a few miles before the start of our work day! Only those who post understand.

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Love the BB title…you know what they say about those Salisbury folks right? I just didn’t know you got to keep the keys at the end of the night.

    Great running with everyone this morning. Negative splits every mile by my watch…of course, that isn’t too difficult when your first mile is up Twin Team.

    SYITG boys.

  2. We’re very giving, Gumbo….though, by your logic you’d be incriminating your in-laws….and Rosie’s parents, as well. Happy to be included in that group!

    Good run, Flatline. Overdue. Appreciated the time with Bullseye & Gatekeeper.

    Peace, love & lasagna parties,

  3. I’ve heard about the keys, Gumbo. I’ve also heard the same rumor – but with watches.

    So… perhaps Flatline needs to explain where his timepiece was this morning?

  4. In light of the average age of the Salisbury residents (God bless them), the images you are conjuring up are not so pretty.