Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Jack Webbs and a Whole Lotta’ Muck


Nine of F3’s finest posted to GridIron (aka the Boneyard) on a warmish, wet, mucky morning in January.  YHC (Johnsonville) took the Q, and this is what went down, more or less:

Warmup with 25x ssh, 15x imperial walkers, 15x hillbillies, 20x slow squats, 25x Alabama prom dates, 25x LBCs.

Mosey back to the pillars.  25x pole smokers.

Mosey down to the cricket field and through the mud.  Drop to knees for Jack Webbs (ascending ladder starting at 1 merkin, on knees 1×4 arm raisers, 2 merkins, on knees 2×4 arm raises, 3 merkins, on knees 3×4 arm raises, etc. to 10).

Mosey through the muck to the tennis courts.  Suicide-ish routine that went like this:

  •  run to 2nd court, 8 merkins, return to end for 2 WWII situps.
  •  run to 3nd court, 6 burpees, return to end for 4 WWII situps.
  •  run to 4th court, 4 _____________(?), return to end for 6 WWII situps.
  •  run to other end for 2 crunchy frogs, 8 WWII situps.

Ark loader along tennis courts with zombie walk, bunny hop, bear crawl, crab walk, karaoke, etc.  YHC had to take an emergency bathroom run and Chum Bucket was kind enough to take over for a bit.  I am not sure what he did, but I know burpees were in there.

The PAX mosey’d to the front of school, and YHC met them there 25lbs lighter.  YHC called a Dora with 100 merkins while partner ran loop, then 200 back lunges while partner ran loop.  I was planning a 300 in accordance with F3 convention, but time ran out.

Mosey back to VSF.  COT.  Attilla took us out.  Coffeeteria.

Moleskin — Now that the odometer has flipped on several of us, GridIron has more >50 than in their 40s.  We are the Boneyard of RVA.  The Jack Webbs are much harder than they look, and super painful.  I think we could push them above 10, but it will not be pretty.  This day was muddy to an extreme.  I always try to respect and preserve the fields when they are wet.  Heading onto the Cricket field for Jack Webbs was a big mistake as they were a soup of muck.  After the gloom, White Deer demanded that I take his shoes home and was them.  It is great to have Night Crawler back (Kotter).  Chum and I have committed to run the Northface 50k in April.  We have a long way to go, and we hope others will join the CSAUP.

Sincerely, Jville




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  1. Jack Webbs to 10 is deceivingly hard, pair those with a 1:4 Captain Thor and you’ve got some extra fun. Also, lost in there is that there is a cricket field at GridIron?