Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’s Swirly Going


First Dogpile of 2019 and 39 RVA redwoods made it through the early morning fog for a fully planned Rosie Q.

Mosey to the circle and get into a line for some dynamic warm up, Flange style. High knees, butt kickers, slide left, slide right, lay ups.  COP, start with Don Quixotes for Wilson and Saab. Next up, since Toga’s name has come up a couple times recently, a little tribute to his focus on form. 8 count merkins with hand release and shoulder taps. Slow full squats.  Slow Freddie mercuries. Watch Swirly leave the COP,zero wonder if it wasn’t intense enough for him… Continue with the plan. 8 count burpees. 2 rounds of all with low reps.

Mosey to the Rusty cage to introduce some of the PAX to an old friend of YHC, Cindy.  5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats. Repeat until the Q calls time. 10 minutes completed. FYI, 20 rounds plus a couple miles would equal the Murph.

Mosey to the second circle for a flashback to 90’s Arkansas basketball with a Nolan Richardson.  Known for his 40 minutes of hell style of play, YHC found this gem on the Exicon and modified it for about 20 minutes.  Partner up and do a combined 75 burpees, 150 squats, 75 WWII, 150 arm circles, 75 merkins and 150 Imperial walkers. Partner 2 runs backward down one side of the road and forward down the other. Rotate between 20 Mtn climbers and 20 SSH until all PAX are finished.

Carilon field Jacobs ladder. Up to 8 first to each end is the trigger for all to burpee.

Close out with 5 minutes of Mary.



Wow! What a great group this morning and an excellent start to the weekend. Lots of Extra credit going on this morning. Bleeder and Swirly came rucking in first, followed by Vinny, Kubota and Hardywood running, then the main ruck group of Honeymoon, Honeydo, Marmaduke, Wilson, Recall, Shakedown and Spit.

Yes, the excessive counting in the COP sounded a little like teaching some line dance moves as Vinny pointed out. Toga has come up recently on a couple conversations so YHC decided to do a brief tribute to him to start the year at Dogpile.  Good form is usually better than speed our quantity.  Apparently once Swirly realized this Rosie Q would have less running than expected he decided to take off to get his weighted vest, leaving the Q wondering if there plan wasn’t going to be challenging enough. Nah, YHC doesn’t come to Dogpile without a good plan and some new ideas.

The field was muddier than I’ve seen it which made the running and burpees a good messy finish.  The Jacobs Ladder modification proved to be fairly popular for those hurt or not into running.  Lots of injuries around F3RVA right now, hesh up men, modify where needed.

Prayers for Opus’s wife who is heading into surgery.

Marmaduke collected over 130 coats and delivered them to those in need. He thanks all  for the support.

Look for a preblast re Puppy Pile this coming weekend or the next.  Olivander.

Thanks for hanging in there with me on some new ideas and for the opportunity to leaving this string group of men


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  1. Wow what a great Q Rosie! Enjoyed getting back to the basic for the COP.

    Great early ruck mumble chatter as well!

  2. Great Q Rosie! It is awesome to be back from the mother land. This was just what I needed. Awesome Job fellas!

  3. Smoker of a beatdown. Felt like 2 hours packed into one. Great working with Marmaduke for the Nolan.

  4. Strong Q, Rosie! I could tell by mid-COP that we were in trouble. Extra credit before and after a Rosie Q? What was I thinking? At least I made it back to ET’s for cheesy eggs! Good partnering with you Spit

  5. Woo boy. Great Q Rosie. Nice to be back out at dogpile with nearly 40 (!?) F3 brothers.

  6. Terrific Q Rosie. The periodic focus on form actually helped this lame-pax keep pace with others.

    Apologies to Sippy for not holding up my end of the Merkins

    I have never seen Vinny move so quickly (running backwards)

    The Jacob’s Ladder was quite interesting…running back and forth between the 40/40 yard line. I felt like a target at a carnival shoot.

  7. Here I was thinking Rosie had moved on from these women of his past then he drops Cindy on us. Really thought Sally was making an appearance.

  8. Nicely done, Q. Like the form focus. Really like the options for those fighting an assignment to the Injured Reserve squad.

    Ollivander…way to rock the Forty Minutes of Hell.

  9. I went home and took a nap! Way to keep the cardio up for the whole time, and I liked the form focus in the COP.

  10. Great Q Rosie, that was an epic beatdown. I’ve been exhausted all day. I sure am glad I partnered with GP today, dude you are a stud.

  11. Rosie – you rarely disappoint and you nailed this one. Nice job keeping us all together and on track. While I hated hearing you were Q (only cause you love to run), I loved the workout. Conversation in the New Market clown car was all about how you kept us going and didn’t kill us with running! Well done.