Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Yup, The Swamp is appropriate!


16 Super Troopers and 1 FNG posted to Twin Team this morning in hopes of finishing the first week of 2019 in a glorious fashion.  0530….with Radar coming in hot, time to mosey to the parking lot near The Swamp.

COP- x 15 Russian Soldiers, x 15 Hillbillies, x 15 Invisible Jump Ropes, x 15 Copperhead Squats, x 20 Box Cutters, x 20 Flutter Kicks, x 20 LBC’s….with a slight crack in YHC voice, time to mosey onward to The Swamp (aka JR stadium).

Merkin Mile-x 12 Merkins and run a lap. Repeat x 4. Voila!

On to the football field. Yup, soaked, saturated, diluted. Totally wet. At the end line, line up. Run to 25 yard line, x 25 Freddie Mercuries, bear crawl back to end line. Run to 50 yd line, x 50 Squats, bear crawl back to end line. Run to 75 yr line, x 75 SSH-audible-lunges back to  end line. Run 100 yds, x 100 LBC, lunge back to end line.  With time still on the clock…

PAX lines up on the salle de bain, balls to the wall and chicken peckers. YHC started. x 10 2 count chicken peckers down the line. Quickly turned into single count and Greenbow starting at the other end to meet in the middle for times sake! Time to mosey back to the flag…..yup, through the parking lot and across a more dry field at BWES!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Oliveander has an impending preblast for puppy pile sometime in January.  What ever your resolution, continue to post and EH that guy who needs to fix Sad Clown Face!!

YHC took us out.

Naked Mole Skin-17 PAX members at Twin Team this am. Super awesome gents!! Limehouse, welcome to F3 RVA. Unique situation that you are a resident of the 711 corridor who went to the Citadel and were named in SC. Welcome! And you EH’d an FNG-Flat Tire-at your very first post. Outstanding. It is only suiting we welcome a Citadel grad into the mix. Let the banter begin…VMI vs Citadel. Welcome Flat Tire!

YHC cadence and voice cracking…..always a pleasure to entertain in the COP!

Moseying back to the flag, YHC could have lead the PAX back around on the road. But, running across another field sounded great!

DK was startled by a possum walking on the curb near the bus. And, he thought the possum was rabid…..hence his inability to take us out!

Thank you for following this morning. Finish the week strong and continue to lead by example!

Only those who post understand!

Loud and Proud,




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  1. Always entertaining with a Flatline Q and today did not disappoint. Well done sir! I knew when you told Rosie we were heading to the Swamp that the Merkin Mile was coming. Didn’t see the Quarter-Pounder with 250 yards of bear crawls coming…THANK GOODNESS for the audible! I’m curious to drive by the field in the daylight and see how it looks. That was some serious mud and swampage!

    Great turnout fellas. Let’s keep it up.

    Welcome Limehouse and Flat Tire!

  2. Well done, Flatline. I was amazed at the amount of mud that came out of my hair in the shower, particularly since there’s not much there anymore. Good thing Waco didn’t post this morning…he may have felt obligate to turn us in. Also, good thing he doesn’t read these…haha.

    Have a great evening, fellas.