Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ode to ‘Duke…2×2…in the rain


A solid PAX of 12 were not scared off by a cool rainy, Junary morning….and assembled at Timberwolf for a DK beatdown that went something like this.


Mosey down, around track, and back up to basketball court.

COP: SSHs, DQs, 5 burps oyo, Russian Soldiers, Backwards Lunges, 5 burps oyo, tempo merks, crab cakes, 5 burps on your own

Mosey down, around track, and back up to end of light post run

Ants Marching:
a Marmaduke tribute, combining The Prostitute and the light posts where each post has its own set of exercises (each assigned by 1 member of PAX). exercises increase in reps by 2 per post…return back to 1 and stop at each before you proceed to the next
Wait on the 6 at the first post.
(Pax member listed below called the exercise)
DK = 2 burps at post 1
Oyster = DK + lunge to post 2 + 4 sshs at post 2 + run back to post 1 + DK
Beaker = Oyster + skip to post 3 + 6 double count plank shoulder taps + skip back to post 2 + Oyster
Gumbo = Beaker + run to post 4 + 8 double count flutter freddy mercury kicks + run back to post 3 + Beaker
Tobit = Gumbo + run to post 5 + 10 double count american hammers + run back to post 4 + Gumbo
Peaches = Tobit + run to post 6 + 12 single count backwards lunges in place + run back to post 5 + Tobit
Bullseye = Peaches + run to post 7 + 14 merkins + run back to post 6 + Peaches

Mosey down, around track, and back up to VSF

COT – Wilson took us out

Naked Moleskin:
Solid SOJ showing yesterday and today, especially given the wet forecast.

The Ants Marching kept us busy….no breaks, really.
YHC is not convinced we’d complete the entire circuit of Ants Marching in 45 min, even if we eliminated the 3 laps around the track.

Has Swirly started wearing a weight vest? (per New Year’s Convergence picture…)

Something about putting weights in backpacks.


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  1. Great to lead you men this morning. Looking forward to Flatline’s Q @ Twin Team tomorrow.

  2. Nice work DK, glad you stayed off the fields and on the track. Next time we’ll get to all the light poles.