Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Four Years !


20 studs posted for WDOG this morning and here is how it went down.

COP : SSH’s, Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, Cross leg lifts, APD’s, Merkins

4 corners on the field : 10 merkins – 20 Cap Thors, 30 LT Dan’s , 40 Burpees

Indian run followed by Indian Run pole smokers – 4 pole smokers while pax holds 6 inches run to the end of the line.

Steps : 4 incline merkins @ each step up – 4 dips each step down.

Modified Love Hill : Partner up run to the fence – 2 exercises – broad jump burpees – lunges up the hill as a team.

Wilson’s boxing cockroach – partner up 4 sets of 20.

The scoop :  Great work this morning guys – thanks for allowing me to lead. 4 years goes by fast. I can’t begin to tell you all how much this group means to me.  I wish my shoulder felt a bit better cause I had some big plans for the 4 year anniversary – but hopefully the beatdown was good enough…. 5 years will be an hour!

Thanks to Vinny for taking us out – really appreciate the thoughtful words brother.

Thanks to Bleeder for inviting me out to F3. Thanks to TYA for always encouraging/ challenging me to keep  pushing  towards new goals! Thanks to all of the pax for inspiring me each and every day.

Swirly’s board for today reads – Are you tough enough for your dreams ? Go Get it!

See y’all in the gloom..



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  1. Swirly, it was nice of you to invite SEAL Team out for your four year! Awesome Q brother. Glad to see your shoulder is at least feeling a bit better. I hope my words this morning did you the proper justice. Your leadership by example is simply awesome. Looking forward to the healthy shoulder 5 year beat down.

  2. FOUR MORE YEARS! Nice Q, Swirly! Congrats on the 4 years and motivating and mentoring me and others during that time. I guess one year from now we will be doing 50 burpees as part of a four corners! Good job on the partner work, Handshake. It felt like a VMI reunion out there this morning.

  3. Awesome workout Swirly. Your leadership and the example you set for others over the four years has pushed us all forward.


  4. Thanks, Swirly, for the beatdown and the leadership by example. “2nd F before the 1st F” each morning…solid.

    Nice work today, Dr. Tryhard. Thanks for pushing me.

  5. I felt privileged to be a part of your four year celebration, way to always been a steadfast example of leadership and determination. Has Big Data existed as long as you’ve been with F3? If so, how many posts in 4 years?

  6. Glad we didn’t do a Burpee for each Swirly post. Never been to a Swirly Q that wasn’t a smoker.

  7. Swirly, yes 4 years goes quickly. You are a definitely a cornerstone to F3 RVA. Your determination, strength, and perseverance are awesome! Great Q and I love 40 burpees in the am.

    Faceplant-always an early morning treat to partner up with an alum! TYA….don’t hate and don’t be mad!

    Rah Virginia Mil!!
    Loud and Proud,

  8. Great Q and it didn’t disappoint at all! Congratulations on 4 years. It’s a huge accomplishment and testament to who you are! Glad to be part of it.

  9. Sorry I missed it. Congrats brother. Your dedication, determination, and leadership are an inspiration. Four more years! Four more years! Hahaha, whatever – way to go homie

  10. Swirly… all Great leaders lead by example… it’s not Run up and take that Hill… it’s follow me up that Hill and We will take it… your dedication is incredibly inspiring and all of F3 is better because of it… bless you brother

  11. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Really appreciate all the comments guys – means a great deal to me – Let’s crush 2019 !

  12. Happy New Year all.

    The best thing about Swirly is that he does not even need to workout to be an inspiration. And then he puts ACTION behind his words. Then his words carry more weight…. Bang! logarithmic exponential inspiration.




    Thanks for sharing your time with us Swrily. It makes us all stronger.

  13. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Damn Gomer – had to break out the Websters for this one 🙂
    Appreciate it brother !