Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

RIP Dick Clark


Four Time Square Goers hit the city streets of Batteau for a Rockin New Years Eve Beatdown. The countdown:

Swirly Q: SSHs / DQs / Helicopters / LBCs. Partner up: Touch a port-o-potty (tree). 4 trees while partner planks. 5 trees while partner elbow planks. 6 trees while partner flutter kicks. 7 trees while partner heels to heaven.

Sippy Cup Q: Mosey to VIP beer (rock) garden at bottom of stairs. Careful. Don’t slip. Place rock on step and perform right arm offset and left arm offset merkins on each step to the top. Plank for the six. Mosey to remnants of tennis courts. Round 1: throw rock from overhead position as far as you can. Repeat to the other side of the courts and return. Round 2: Underhand caber toss rocks to the other side and back. Round 3: Partner up. Partner one carries rock across and back while partner 2 planks with rock on his back. Round 4: Partner one carries rock across and back while partner 2 elbow planks with rock on his back.

Vinny Q: Mosey to swing-set. Partner up. Partner one performs 20 swing planks while partner 2 SSHs. Round 2 15 swing planks. Round 3 10 swing planks. Mosey over to Forest Hill side of the bowl. Time for NYE countdown F3 style. No Jenny McCarthy. Clock LBCs. 10 at each hour beginning with 10 o’clock. Mosey back to flag for Mary. Flutter kicks IC – variety pack. 18 with hands stretched out behind our head. 18 with your hands straight up in the air. 18 with hands crossed over your chest. One burpee to ring in the new year.

Dr. Try Hard took us out. Great message. Well said.

Announcements: NYD Convergence tomorrow at HBR. 7:00 start. Honeydo may have Bloodies afterwards. Bring coats for Marmaduke. 100 is in sight.

NMS: Today was an important day for all of us. It signified the completion of the 2018 year. It signified the beginning of the 2019 year. As YHC looks back on 2018, by no means was I unhappy. But by definition, I was a Sad Clown. That all changed on 2/24/18 when I posted at my first F3 beatdown, a Dogpile. I could spend all day on here thanking each of you for all that followed. We’ve shared awesome moments of triumph. Never failure, but many, many moments of pushing through and giving it all, when we didn’t have it all to give. Words do this group no justice, truly. Brotherhood isn’t strong enough. Inspirational isn’t worthy enough. Support is demonstrative enough. YHC is sincerely grateful for each of you, and cannot wait to further the bonds in 2019. Happy New Year men!


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  1. To my Batteau brothers, thank you for helping me ring in the new year in what has quickly become the only way I’d want to do it. Stay safe and see y’all tomorrow.