Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Year of Big Data (Review)


29 of the finest men in F3 including an all week visitor for NC and 4 Ruck beast, arrived on the last Saturday of 2018 to review how great this year was.

The ruckers dropped off Swirly and when off their way for another hour then the PAX got to work

This is how it went down.

This marks the 52nd Dogpile of the Year.

Slaughter Start – 52 (2ct) American Hammer

Mosey to the far circle

COP (ALL IC) –  20x SSH, 18x DQ, 20x Hillbillies, 18x Merkins, 20x LBC’s, 18x Dying Cockroach,  20x Arm Circles (large only/forward), 18x Arm Circles (large only/backwards)


Q DATA – We had 119 Different people Q this year and Lockjaw had the most with 90 = 209

Native American Run – Heading down to the Pump House, Up Love Hill, and down to the Rusty Cage. The member of the PAX at the end of the line does 5 Merkins then tab the next guy. That guys does his Merkins and tab the next guy. The PAX makes sure to let the person at the end of the line know the total Merkins. Rinse and Repeat till we reached 209.

DOWNRANGE DATA – We had 23 different downrange post this year with the farthest being TYA and Circle K’s post in Guatemala which is 2,886 miles or 52 hours by car

Rust Cage – Partner up 52 Pull Ups as a pair and 23 Jerkins each

Mosey to the “Bowl”

AO DATA – The PAX posted at 50 different AO’s (with Downrange counting as one) this year with Dogpile having the largest average number at 25.5

Merkin Hill – Starting with 5 Merkins at the top then 5 more at the bottom and 5 more at other side. Rinse and Repeat till you reach 75. Called audible after the first round due to the unsafe conditions and moved to Love Hill to finish.

Mosey to the amphitheater

MOST POST DATA – All those that finished in the Top 25 at least 125 post this year. The Top 10 had at least 200 (thanks to Kubota getting his 200th on Friday). Swirly had the most with 316.

Dora – 125 SSH, 200 LBC’s, and 316 V Ups (Swirly’s choice). Partner runs up and down the amphitheater

Mosey back to the SF Numberama, Namerama, and Announcements. YHC took us out


2018 is almost in the books and it has been a great year for F3RVA. Today was just a small fraction of some of the stats for first full year of Big Data.

As always there are some great highlights from today but as the Q, YHC always seems to have a hard time remember whats going on. YHC ask that you share moments in the comment but here is what comes to mind:

  • TClaps to both Sippy Cup and Opus who kept in mid the six. Sippy Cup loop us back during the Indian run to grab Bone Thug at the beginning. Opus noticed he fallen behind near Love Hill and stay back to wait.
  • Swirly made sure this workout would need with a BANG with the V Ups
  • Bone Thung got his VQ but leading the search for his keys post workout
  • Marmaduke is still collecting coats. Up to 98 now. Let’s get him to 100!
  • Shakedown and Honey Do leading a Ruck during Sunday Funday.
  • New Year Day Convergence at Heartbreak Ridge @ 7am




  1. Thanks fellas for a great week and year. It was great to be back at ET afterwards! See you in the 2019 gloom!

  2. Spit, great Q buddy. Packed in a ton of monster exercises. Well done. It was awesome seeing the PAX divide and conquer to look for and quickly find Bone Thug’s keys (he lost during the beatdown somewhere on the AO). Have a great day men!

  3. Spit, great leadership and an awesome week of the Q!! Your words to close out meant a lot, keep leading and setting the example!

  4. Great job this week, Spit! Sorry I missed today but work called. When I first started F3 and saw your name as Q for a bunch of workouts, I thought to myself, “this guy is who I need to try to be like, a true leader!” Thanks for motivating me!