Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Turn around, right now!


14 strong gathered in the rain for a new hill to explore.

Directions.  Reverse Carillon route to the edge of Windsor Farms.  Then deviate and turn right on Douglasdale road to go down the hill.  4 milers–go down Douglasdale to the end,  turn around and head back.

5 milers–Run down Douglasdale, but turn right on Loch Lomond, go to dead end and head back to Douglasdale.  Turn right on Douglasdale, go to end, and on the way up the hill turn right to go on the other side of Loch Lomond to the end and back, then head up Douglasdale to the starting place.  Then run down and up Douglasdale one more time.

6 milers–Same as 5 milers but do an additional Loch Lomond loop.

COT-Sippy took us out.

Moleskin.  YHC has explored these hills before as they are a short distance from his house.  It is about a 1/3 mile from the bottom of Douglasdale to the top, and the full loop with the Loch Lomond spurs is about 1 mile.  Having not run these in the dark before, YHC was not aware of the aggressive security guard stationed at the bottom of Douglasdale.  We all got yelled at and made quick turn-arounds at the bottom.  Someone should post what they are guarding down there!  At least we gave them something unusual this morning.

YHC was not planning on running this morning due to some Plantar Fasciitis, but when Guiness showed up late, he decided to be a good host and join him for a nice jog, and the foot loosened up. We also had a nice conversation about dealing with injuries, F3, faith and disillusionment, etc.  The banter kept YHC’s mind off of the pain.  The foot feels better still! Just what I needed Guiness!

A few of the PAX ran the regular carillon route, while others got a little bit lost on Douglasdale.  Par for the course for a new route.  Those that did stay on course were treated to a nice dose of hills that some appreciated, while others (Upchuck) did not.


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  1. The Water Treatment Plant was the subject of – as Kubota noted – anti-terrorism. It was the perfect topper to a perfect day in the gloom.

  2. Nice route, Sippy! Of course I had to pull a map up on my phone when I got home. Glad there are guards watching over my drinking water. I hope they take a leak in a separate bathroom?! Nice running with you for a little while TYA. Have a great day all!

  3. Great morning for a run. It was very tempting to fartsack but I’m glad I didn’t. Swirly and I didn’t follow directions and missed out on the agressive security guard.

  4. Nice route, Sippy! The hills made me push a little more than I had planned…somewhere in my head I was hoping for a nice easy up-and-back on Grove.

    Way to make me earn it today.

    Thanks for pushing me, ABBA. And, thanks for the advice on how to keep my legs warm, Vinny.

    Glad to have some 2nd F time with Guinness, GP, and Handshake.

  5. Nice mix of hill-work and danger Sippy.

    As I always say, nothing like a Guinness to take one’s mind off their ailments…