Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three Wise Men — Yo!


Kick that beat.

Three wise men  for an epic beatdown.
They came for a workout and they were not let down.
At first there were two,  we ran around the church
Could not make a circle so we just kind a perched
Then came Yardsale which made it three
Triangled up for the COP

IJR, Tempo Merkins and Situps
american hammers, crunchy frogs then get up
arm circles and some helicopters
finished up with a few butt kickers

Then we commenced 10 minutes of burpees
The concept is simple now cant you see
You just pick a number, do that number for 1 minute
if you finish early you get a respite
do that thang 10 times then its done
You feel better than when you had begun.

Head to the shelter for something different
Two ran the church while the other did reps.
5 reps of each exercise was the way
5 exercises here they were today
squats, jump squats and split jacks
2 count side jumps and then some  smurf jacks
Repeato this mess until your partners returned
Think of all the calories you burned.
Switch it up and the other partner runs
do the whole thing twice and then we were done

The second iteration caused some pain
Here was the shizzle, I will make it plain
Alternating Shoulder Taps and merkins too
Plank jacks, table tops and mountain climbers, ooh
Repeato as before until all were done.
Two minutes left, heck no we aren’t done.

Did some skull crushers on the fabulous benches
Can someone please enlighten me on what that stench is?
Finished with some dips for the last twenty
After all the arm work, that was plenty.

Numbers and names were thrown about
YHC took us all out.



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