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Always 70 and Sunny

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch


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One shy of 12 huddled around big blue waiting for instructions but they never came. BT proclaimed, “It’s 5:30!” and YHC said, “Follow Me!”  Groaning ensued.

Mosey by group to the base of Roselawn and Towana and collect the PAX. After the recollection of the good spirited cheer YHC received while trying to help propagate the 12 days of Christmas last year, YHC pronounced his intentions for this year’s 12 days. What better way than intervals.

We’ve never done 12 intervals before so YHC figured today seemed like a great day to try. There was a warning blast on twitter indicating there was the possibility of mischievousness. Spider Run was the opposite of Christmas today. 12 intervals up Roselawn and Towana is a Grinch’s blessing indeed.

Lots of recollection during today’s run.  The last time we did intervals at Spider Run was 7/17 in sweltering heat and humidity.  There was also discussion of the newly minted “No Dumping” sign in the vicinity of Fudd’s infamous tron squats.  Glad to see we are welcome in the neighborhood.  I was glad to see that Sippy has overcome the memories of reverse intervals down Towana.  That is a feat likely not to be repeated.

YHC totaled about 4.5 miles and 552 ft. of elevation gain.  Bleeder managed to mix in a latte between intervals.  The Grinch would be proud.

– Saab will cover Spider Run next week at the normal time.  Marv is coordinating a possible late morning or late afternoon 2.0 friendly run on Christmas.  Details to follow.
– HDHH mañana

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Splinter errrr … Grinch – well done man. Kinda knew it was coming and it still was brutal but I loved it.
    Way to push guys ! Of course Bleeder got a latte – It’s Bleeder – freaken beautiful man..
    Face plant was crushing it up those hills.. Great to see Fuudski this morning ..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. With sandbags in tow this was the perfect workout for Saab today.

    I’ve always felt that the “12 Days of Christmas” was too long and something I’d rather not suffer through….this workout was aptly named.

    Thank you for including a picture of the true Grinch….there is only one after all.