Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The River Loop de Loop


Three common folk of River Run attended a cold 36 degree morning.

Route – 2 mile loop to river and return up around rear bus loop. Repeat once for 4 miles (ish), twice for 6 miles.

Moleskin – great job men. No Q on the sheet, Rosie asked YHC for a recommendation and the River Run was advocated (yes the route where you actually see the river). Some good conversation early on as Rosie held back with Bullseye and YHC to discuss holidays and owl attacks. Finished with 4.5 as we added a trip up to Huguenot and back around the bus loop at the end. YHC thought to name this workout the Horizontal Loop de Loop but would that have sounded borderline inappropriate? Trick question, there are no borders or inappropriate conversations in F3.




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  1. 12 days of Rosie tomorrow (today) at NoToll. HDHH Wednesday. Give Duke coats. Pray for Gumbo’s daughter. Enjoyed it guys.