Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crabs and Bulls


13 strong posted at Hoedown on a foggy Monday morning.

Mosey to the back office lot for a warmup of 20xSSH, 10xMK, 20xLBC, 15x Hillbillies

Mosey to the circle of Paris Ridge.   En route we honored 16 Redskin points with 16 strong burpees. Partner up for a trip up the Ridge, trading off for inchworm Merkins and Bernie runs.    Celebrated at the top with two sets of PLT x20.

Return to Tuckahoe for four sets x8 of Jerkins and a four corners extravaganza in the back lot – 20x WWII, FK, Carolina Dry Docks & Burpees, then reverse direction.

A Garbage Plate Q would not be complete without some crawl bear.   Incline crawl bear.   3 sets of 20x copperhead squats + incline crawl bear at the concrete ramp near the cafetorium.  More work for the arms with a round of crab soccer in the beautiful, dry, warm grass of the bus circle.  Wrapped things up with a ring of fire – well done by all.

Welcomed ~FNG Matador to the mix – friend of Hardywood.  Solid effort and respect for hanging in without gloves!  A veteran of Best Bully Sticks, there was little question or chatter on a name; Ollivander crushed it.

Announcements –
Hardywood’s daughter may have a book signing Wednesday at Crossroads – TBD…
HDHH Wednesday 12/19 Midlothian Capital Ale House, 5:30



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  1. Great way to start the day and the week. The incline polar bears are deceptively challenging – a nice touch.

    Welcome, Matador. Please post your resume. I want to see your work history description.

    See you all in the Gloom!

  2. Welcome Matador. Pax were kind with your naming when we started with Bull Penis. Nice Q Garbage Plate!

  3. Guess it would pay to read the whole backblast…. Best Bully Sticks had a NASCAR entry at Richmond this fall.