Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Seventy and Sunny for Seven on Sunday


7 warriors posted on a Sunday morning.  Trails were too wet, so a road run was in order.  Over the river, up the hill, left on Riverside, cross over on T. Pottersfield bridge, make you way back on the north side to the pump house parking lot.


Rosie got a bonus four miles this morning pre launch.  He is training for his Tybee Island race weekend and getting in as many miles as possible.  Rosie, Hardywood, and Saab logged in nine miles this morning. They got a bit of extra mileage by running through the fan.  The rest of the crew logged about 7.5 miles (depending on your GPS, although other GPS’s are bullshit and only the Garmin is correct).  Sally lightened her load alone the way and was chipper post rest stop.

Wednesday is HDHH at Capital Ale House on the south side.

Hardywood’s daughter may or may not have a book signing on Wednesday as well.  Depends whether the books arrive on time.

BRR is on Sept 6, 7th this year.  Let TYA know if your are interested.  Sign up will be soon.



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  1. Great day for a run. Happy I took the advice not to run in long sleeves.

    Thanks to Rosie and Hardywood for keeping me going.

    And so ends the bigger-better-value

  2. I was a few minutes late to the launch pad this morning and missed you guys. Good call staying off the trails. Some pretty rough spots AND a a lot of poop ? on the flood wall!

  3. Perfect day for a run. Sites and sounds were awesome as usual. Crossing the Pottersfield Bridge with a train crossing in front. Just awesome. Enjoyed it boys.

  4. So sorry to miss you Bootleg! Great run this morning gents. Thanks for the pull Rosie and Saab. Great 2nd F at ET. I’m a lucky fella.