Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Love That Dirty Water


27 lovers, muggers, and thieves sallied forth to love the dirty water at today’s version of The Dogpile.  Weather forecast was light rain and 50 on the outside, sunny and 70 on the inside.

Wilson: “Hey, UpChuck, you’re going to keep us dry today, right?”
YHC: “You bet, pal.”

Mile Mosey to the Far Traffic Circle:
During the run, YHC said to Swirly: “Hey, Swirly, where can we stay warm and dry?”  After some consideration about how few options there are at Dogpile, one place came to mind: at home, in bed.
Swirly’s response: “I can’t do that.”  Bam.  Let’s go.

IW’s x16
Mercans x4
Hillbillies x16
Mercans x4
SSHs x16 (false stop at 14…)
Mercans x4
LBCs x16
Mercans x4

Mosey to the Lawn We Never Use…

Triple Check – Touch a Tree Style:
5 rounds of 3 things…The PAX continues to question YHC’s math skills. Management reminds the Pax…it’s a free workout.  First rule of business: you get what you pay for.
WWIIs, box cutters, run

At 06:15, stop and complete 4 mercans and 16 WWIIs.

Mosey to the Dry Asphalt at the Back Traffic Circle…

F3 Baseball:
Break up into 4 groups.
Each group starts at a base.  Group does 30 of an exercise times # of PAX in the group.  Early finishers can share their extra reps with their teammates.
When group has done the full count of exercises, move onto the next base.  Each time the group returns to their “home” base, count 1 run.
Try to remember that running the bases is done counter-clockwise.

At 06:30, stop and complete 4 mercans and 16 WWIIs.

Mosey to Amphitheatre…

Starting at the top…18 SSHs, 18 mercans, 18 V-ups…minus one for each step down.
Early finishers partner up to help PAX members.
(1,000 special thank you’s to Circle K for sharing this gift of pain with the PAX.)

At 06:45, stop and complete 4 mercans and 16 WWIIs.

Back to Near the Shovel Flag…

At 06:59, stop and complete 4 mercans and 16 WWIIs.  Add one arm circle for a total of 61 reps (12 mercans + 48 WWIIs + 1 arm circle).

AYG to the Shovel Flag.

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


First, YHC thanks Swirly for lending his shovel flag. Much appreciated.

Lots of special intentions today…let’s keep in our prayers Hardywood’s brother, Recall’s family, and Gumbo’s daughter.  All have some tough situations – let’s put together our prayers and support.
Hardywood’s daughter is having a book signing on Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 at Crossroads Coffee Shop.
HDHH is also Wednesday from 5:30 to whenever the last beverage is consumed at southside Capital Ale House.
Tuesday…Ghostflag will be out at NoToll to celebrate YHCs birthday. Thanks, fellas. YHC is honored. Also, apparently, Rosie will be hosting the 12 Days of Christmas workout at that same time.  Bob and Doug will be jealous.
Christmas workouts…regular Tuesday schedule.
Sign up for GrowRuck 2019 by December 31 and receive 10 credits towards posting.  Show up in March and complete the full Ruck to keep said 10 credits and your dignity.  Big Data knows.

YHC wishes nothing more than to make Wilson happy at Christmas time.  YHC had purchased and wrapped Wilson’s gift this year and had it waiting under the tree at Dogpile: “A more-or-less running-free workout”  Then, Wilson showed up this morning and asked YHC for a different gift…”a dry workout.” Sorry, dude.  One gift per man.  And, today’s gift was for the PAX: a muddy, dirty, nasty, wet, squishy, suckage-filled workout.  More-or-less running-free.  Merry Christmas, Wilson.  And, does anyone really believe staying dry is as fun as rolling in the dirty water?

Also, our friend Kubota lost his grandfather, a WWII veteran, yesterday.  The PAX remembered him, and all of our fathers and grandfathers from the Greatest Generation, today.  Among the lessons that generation demonstrated consistently was putting others first.  If you have ever attempted to thank a WWII veteran for their service, to a person, they will say someone else did more or gave more. YHC believes that, after spending their late teens and early 20’s watching people destroy each other, those men simply learned that there was vastly more to be thankful for than to complain about. Today’s workout was about doing a little bit more for your teammates.  The PAX did 61 exercises spread throughout the workout to remember Lloyd Applewhite and his mates from the USS Iowa (BB-61).  The PAX did 4x+16x throughout the workout to remember the 416,000+ American men and women who gave their lives in the service of our country.

When you are out and about this week, let’s all try to think of ways to put someone else on our back and help them through a tough time.  For all the joy of the holiday season, for some folks, this is the toughest, loneliest time of year.  Let’s live the words, “It’s better to give, than to receive.”  And, if you all would remind YHC of that from time to time, YHC would be much obliged.


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  1. Great Q and awesome morning in the wet and mud! Way to lead Upchuck, enjoyed being with the PAX today! Have a good one boys!

  2. Great Q Upchuck and nice work gents.

    Great message today and thanks to all that have gotten us to the point that we can explore our gifts. Lets help others do the same.

    Definitely a memorable workout. If you have never heard that distinctive slurp-suck cacophony of the PAX delivering moist box cutters on wet pavement you are missing out. I hope the amphitheater can recover from our mass destruction.

    Enjoy HDHH – I will be in CA – sorry to miss this.

    The Standells original lipsync and air guitar are now my rally song. I can just feel the energy.

    At least the Back Bay is the cleanest its been in some time – not sure its drinkable yet.

    Git Some

  3. Sorry to miss your Q Upchuck. Outstanding message and I am proud to be part of such a kickass group of men. Kubota, sorry to hear about your loss. Prayers to you and your family! PAX-nice workout in the suck this am. See you’ll in the gloom!

  4. Upchuck, outstanding Q and message.
    My wife and I have sadly lost all of our grandfathers, but man the stories they could tell. There was a bomber navigator/Bombardier in the Pacific, an infantryman in Europe, and two NACA (later NASA) engineers working their butts off to get our guys the best planes in the world by wars end, one on each side of the family. When my grandmother was buried at Arlington, next to my grandfather, the crew doing the service spoke at length of the effort and sacrifices made in the field by our grandfather and at home by their wives/mothers/girlfriends… the greatest generation, indeed.
    Excellent way to start the day with you men, in their honor.

  5. I don’t know what to say except: THANKS!! Nice looking beat down! I’m glad my grandfather could help with the beat down a little this morning. He would have been proud of you!
    I tweeted this yesterday, but I’ll write it again today: If you know a WWII Veteran whether a family member or someone who lives in your neighborhood, please go thank them and hug them as soon as you can. They are dying at a rapid rate. Their stories have been told but we cannot ever give them too much gratitude and
    credit. We will all always be in debt to them!
    I have three Heroes in my life:
    #1 Jesus Christ the Messiah
    #2 my Dad
    #3 my Grandfather
    I just lost #3 and may never have another #3, but I can at least take what he had taught me and I can go and be a hero to my children!
    Thanks F3RVA and especially you, Upchuck, for the lead this morning!

  6. Great And brutal Q Upchuck. Even greater and powerful meaning. I’m thankful to have shared that beatdown with some great men.

    It is an amazing feeling having having a ball of 27 men motivating each other (sometimes through some friendly fire) and raising up the needs of those not able to be with us or who are going through tough times. Barely a dry eye in the BOM today…POWERFUL stuff. I love it.

  7. “If you laugh, you think and you cry, that’s … a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.” – Jimmy V.

    F3 embodies this. We see it all the time. We felt it today. It reverberates. Proud and honored to call you all my brothers.

  8. My damn allergies.

    Thank you fellas.

    TClaps to a masterful Q this morning and a tip of the cap to Kubotas grandfather.

  9. Great start to the day with you men. I especially enjoyed the fireworks “self destruction” finale.

    Prayers for everyone in need, both spoken and unspoken.