Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wilson’s Boxing Dying Cockroaches, Burp-Up Ring of Fire and a Flying EH!


22 Studs started and eventually evolved into 23 toward the end of a great morning beat down at Mary Munford School.  The following is what occurred, more or less:

Nice quick mosey down Commonwealth to Hanover to Westmoreland back to the Northern corner of the school grounds for :


Cotton Pickers x 20 (YHC gets hit with snowball, nobody claimed it)

Don Quixote x 10

Copperhead Squats x 15

Pickle Pounders x 15

Scorpion Kicks x 15

Mosey to the front of the school and use the candles in the windows for light for a:


Partner 1 bear crawls from school wall to sidewalk, perform 5 merkins, then crawl bear back to partners

Partner 2 is on the receiving end of Wilson’s Boxing Dying Cockroaches

Partner 3 is on the ground distributing the punches to Partner 2.

Al Gore for the 6

mosey to asphalt for:


Begin with 1 Carolina Dry Dock then run across asphalt to fence and perform 10 Dwight Howard’s on fence, run back and do 2/9…….until 10/1

Plank-a-rama for the six

mosey over to the pull-up bars and plank up around the border for:


Two PAX at a time complete 5 Burp-Ups with as best form as possible, while rest of PAX does:

Plank-a-rama, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s, Box Cutters, Heels to Heaven and Al Gore

pair up for:

2×20 PLT’s each partner

2×10 Plerkins each partner

One minute to go, back to the flag!

COT, Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out.



Hardywood’s daughter’s book signing is now on Wednesday Dec.19th from 5:30-7:00 at Crossroads Coffee Shop on Forest Hill Avenue.  She is having her star dedication on the RVA walk of fame later that night.

HDHH at Capital Ale House – Midlothian on Wednesday Dec. 19th (time??)  So that means drinks at HDHH then Uber/Lyft over to book signing then to Hardywood’s house for night cap!

Please keep Gumbo’s daughter in your prayers as she is having an MRI tomorrow to hopefully be clear of concussion symptoms.

Pucker’s Birthday is tomorrow!



Nice morning for a beat down.  Temperature was better than recent mornings, though the ice was still prevalent.  PAX rolled in ready to work.  YHC had to abandon Big Blue to make room for Bleeder(6 PAX in Big Blue is just to many, 5 is comfortable if one of them is TYA).  Nice little jog at the beginning to get the blood flowing and then to COP where TYA mumbled that we could have just walked over by the bus loop.  YHC was hit with a snowball while doing cadence on Cotton Pickers, YHC didn’t flinch.  Couple more snowballs were spotted traveling to other PAX members.  Sarah slept through COP.  Nice, long, tough Triple Check to get us started.  Boxing Cockroaches for a long period of time are TOUGH!  Everyone toughed it up and kicked tail!  YHC then modified a Vinny Pull-Up Ring of Fire from a Mary Q of his in the past(which I learned was taken from an old Swirly Q) and changed it into a Burp-Up Ring of Fire.  YHC thinks this was well received or maybe not???  It was in the middle of the Ring of Fire that Circle K ran out toward the street to talk to a guy that YHC thought was a regular PAX member leaving, but YHC learned that it was Brita (FNG) looking for a different workout group.  Well, Brita is with us now because of Circle K and because we start on time and we are some cool dudes who love a good beat down!  Well done Circle K and Brita!  PAX laid in some nice thawing pools of water during ring of fire and partner work.  Well done!  PAX raced back to the flag with one minute left, YHC and Bleeder will now retire our usual sprint-off back to the flag.  Hope your leg’s ok, Bleeder!  Great job to Yard Sign for posting for his second day in a row!

YHC is proud of the work everyone did this morning and was greatly honored to lead you.  Hope the rest of your day goes well and SYITG!

keep posting!



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  1. Great job on the Triple check, Hardywood and Handshake! Great job on plerkins and PLT’s, Spit! 12 days until Christmas! Have a good one all!

  2. Great beatdown in the snow. Although looking up at TYA in tights during boxing cockroaches wasn’t ideal. Get better Bleeder. We have to find a blue Audi tomorrow.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    As you all know I’m a big fan of the Wilson’s boxing cockroah – that was a tough version today! Loved the burp up ring of fire – although laying in that ice water at the end sucked.. The ole right shoulder did not want to work for me this morning which was not helpful cause that was a good amount of shoulder work. Maybe a run day tomorrow will help cause I’m sure Dogpile Saturday will have some shoulder work involved..
    Seriously Bleeder – WTF Dude – no sprints on an icy road man…. Rest up brother we need you out there..
    Good Q Kubota!
    See y’all in the gloom…

  4. Are we ready to go to the “Exicon Request” for Wilson’s Boxing Dying Cockroaches or should we keep it a F3RVA secret??

  5. Great Q Kubota! It was good partnering with you for the PLT’s. That version of Wilson’s Boxing Cockroach was a smoker to start. It was funny watching the PAX crawl bear back and end up at a different group.

    Gumbo prayers for your daughter tomorrow. Hope all goes well!

  6. Great q and praying for you and your daughter Gumbo! I also have to give additional props to Hardywood for his t-shirt and shorts outfit with the alligator wrestling gloves.

  7. Kubota, great Q. Burpee Ring of Fire was super, especially laying on the snow. Bleeder, I love the speed and hope your quad is ok!!
    45MOM fails to disappoint!!
    Gumbo-prayers brother! The power of F3 and EH Brita-I mean, freaking awesome!!
    Loud and Proud!