Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mall Walking through the 80s


With icy Patches still visibly noticeable, 5 Warriors set out on a slow mosey right at 530am, hilarity ensued.

How it went Down:

Walk to bottom of school entrance, then lunge up the hill to the back bus loop.


SSH x 20

DQ X 10

Imperial Walkers x 20

Merkins x 10

LBCs x 20

Helicopters x 10

Mosey to front of bus lot

Ascending light poles – 4 merkins, increase by 4 for 6 lights, last light was 24 merkins

Descending light poles- 24 LBCs, down to 4 for 6 lights


Move to side of Lot

5 Burpees OYO cause Wilson was bitchin


Flutter Kicks (Roper called) and SSHs (Bulleye called)

Mosey back to front of bus loop and Lunge back down the hill we originally came up, from there walked back across the ice past the flag

Wall Sit Burpee Combo

30 Second Wall Sit – 5 Burpees

30 Second Wall Sit – 4 Burpees

30 Second Wall Sit – 3 Burpees

30 Second Wall Sit – 2 Burpees

60 Second Wall Sit – 1 Burpee

Circle Up

2 Rounds of Merkin Ring of Fire

1 Round of Burpee Shuffle

Back to the Flag

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out


HDHH Next Wed Capital Ale House in Midlothian

Prayer Requests for Gumbo’s daughter/ MRI today for Concussion, She’s a Champ and will rock it!!

Awesome news from MR. Roper – his son passed his welding test, he is now officially certified!  Congrats!


So with Wilson and YHC getting a pre ruck in, we were able to scout out the AO and how the recent storm had effected Timberwolf.  On our very slow ruck we discovered that we now know why CPS is still out, tons of ice everywhere. Once the PAX was walking to drier spots, Mr. Roper informed us we could have just gone to the mall and walked laps in the warm heated building.  From there the conversation took a 40 minute turn into naming all the stores that were always there, fashion trends, and restaurants we all grew seeing at the malls in the 80s and 90s.  The workout was great with limited spots to pull from.  Everyone crushed it and YHC appreciates the PAX for understanding safety is key.  I will list a few of the topics and mall trends we discussed below, feel free to throw in your favorite mall store as a kid, this morning was a great walk down memory lane!  See you boys in the Gloom!

Cinnabon, Mrs. Fields Cookies, KB Toys, Kmart, Things Remembered, Orange Julius, Leggett, Disc Jockey, Foot Locker,Sears, Circuit City, Radio Shack, Any Chinese Place giving a free Sample, Trans Ams, Parachute Pants

*** Winner of the Day – YHC mentioned JAM Shorts – Gumbos response – Which Doubled as Parachute Pants for him”





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  1. Duke – simple and effective. I’m spent. The talk of malls and the 80’s definitely brought back some memories! Sorry about the burpees fellas. I’ll learn to shut my pie hole soon. Some Sabarra pizza and an Orange Julius could do it. See ya Saturday!

  2. Fun, safe and effective. The 11s certainly got the blood going and the wall-sit/burpee combo dropped the hammer. Good times men. Really enjoyed the “walk” down memory lane. Thanks also for the prayers and well wishes for tomorrow. Appreciate it.

  3. I’ve never been more disappointed to have missed a beatdown discussion in my life. Spencer’s Gifts. Foot Locker – British Knights. Benetton. Don’t sleep on kiosks – Oakley. Jams were awesome. Skidz

  4. Wow! Forgot about Thalhimer’s and then Hecht’s! Waldenbooks, Victoria’s Secret…oh…right, still there