Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

My Windmill is broken


19!  That is the number of studs willing to navigate the ice and snow this morning for what would be a challenge for YHC to conduct a seamless routing.  To YHC’s knowledge, we were free of any injuries due to icy conditions.

5:30 and were off to the nearest circle.  COP: Couple of laps around the circle to get the blood pumping, DQ’s, Windmills…sort of, SSH’s, Hillbillies, Russian Soldiers, LBC’s, WW1 snow angels…YHC was not heavy enough to break through the top layer of ice to form a good angel.

The Thang:

Stay in circle, full PAX to one side.  Lunge to the other side-10 Merkins with both hand on the curb, Lunge back-10 Merkins right hand on curb and left hand on pavement, Frog Hop back-10 Merkins with left hand on curb, Bear Crawl back-10 Incline Merkins with both hands on curb and feet on pavement.

Move to the field.  Split up PAX into 4 corners, 1 member from each corner runs to the middle and performs exercise X 10 and runs back to his PAX.  The rest of the PAX is holding plank.  After PAX member returns, next up goes and so on.  The plan was to do 3 rounds (Burpees, Carolina Dry Docks, Copperhead Squats), but YHC once again underestimated the size of the field.  Holding Plank for that amount of time was not the best idea in the cold snow.  We needed to move around, so SSH’s and Flutter Kicks were called to break it up.  An audible was called after the second round.

Stay in the field, everyone to one end and partner up.  The call was to find someone of like size, which YHC reserved the right to claim Sippy Cup as his partner.  The choice was to drag or wheelbarrow your partner as far as you could down the field, until a break was needed.  PLT’s X 15 would be performed before switching.  That proved to be the smoker for the morning.

Mosey back to parking area with no time to spare.  Numberama, Namerama, Announcements.  12/19 at Capital Ale House (SOJ), Hardywood’s daughter has published a book!  Come meet the Author and get a personal autograph on Friday from 5:30-7:00 at Crossroads Coffee Shop.  Be advised the snow has delayed the arrival of the books, so keep close to Twitter and/or Back Blast for a potential change in date.  We know Hardywood is a very proud Dad…really cool stuff!  Marmaduke continues the coat collection through the end of this month.

NMS: YHC received a text from Vinny yesterday and in that conversation, YHC admitted he wasn’t sure how to handle the conditions we would have this morning.  My original plan (before the snow) was to use the Amphitheater for a good bit of the workout, but concrete and steps are not good in ice.  So, YHC appreciates the patience this morning.  It was a bit choppy and not as smooth as YHC hoped, but that is all overshadowed by the awesome group of men that showed up willing to go with whatever YHC threw out.  Welcome to Yard Sign…big props to you for posting in the snow for your first.  Great to see Waco back out, after several weeks off.  It’s an honor to be with you all!



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid snow workout – Flange.
    Excellent job pulling me down the field Circle K !
    That’s a workout running in that snow for sure…
    So glad snots did not break loose from his owner and come ask us to rub his belly…. Not sure why that dude had to stand there and watch us like that – I kept thinking no dude don;t tell him to tie his dog to a tree drop the clip board and come join us 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great Q, Flange!

    Kudos to Bleeder for pulling this 250+ pounder through the field. Much respect, sir.

  3. I can’t believe Snots didn’t break free and pummel all of us. He was ready to eat. His balls definitely dropped. You hear the voice on that dog? Solid Q Flange. Conditions were fun, but not optimal. We got it in though. Way to post Yard Sign. Hell of a first day to start. Get back out soon and keep at it.

  4. Awesome snow Q, Flange!

    Both dragging and being dragged (or is it drug?) down the field was brutal….couldn’t feel my back by the end. Great partnering with Handshake on that one.

  5. Great Q Flange. Snots need to eat out of the trash can before his morning walk. Sounded like he was hungry and wanted to eat a PAX member. That d@#$ field is getting longer.

  6. Way to make the most use of the snow, Flange! Wheelbarrow in those conditions is no joke, I’ll be feeling that one tomorrow for sure.

    Throw a “d” on the end of “Mr Holland” up top when you get a chance though – wanna make sure Big Data gives me credit for all that!

  7. Great Q Flange! I enjoyed dragging Tobit down the field, maybe we should bring that one without snow too?

  8. I kept thinking about the dog in the Sandlot, if y’all have ever seen that. I think the owner got some sort of enjoyment out of it!

    Sorry, Mr. Holland…all good now…was typing too fast as I was listening to the recording.

    The field drag seemed to be a good idea, until Sippy was losing his shoes and pants…snow in the dark crevice is not too fun!

  9. Good call on the Sandlot dog. I think its name was Hercules, but could be wrong. Hercules, Snot, whatever, that dog wanted some fried pussycat aka PAX meat.

    Ball-licker, LOL.