Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The snow started early


Which was perfect!  7 runners made the cutoff +5 minutes to beat the snow…but not quite. No plans were set in stone, even though Ollivander showed up in full hydration mode, looking like he was ready to run 20 miles.

TYA suggested Forest Hill loop and back, which was perfect, so we went with that.  Lab Rat set the pace, aiming for bro code speeds.  The group stayed together the whole way and were joined by the snow as we climbed up Forest Hill.  It was a beautiful morning and we hit the snow perfectly….it was starting to get slick as we were finishing up.  ET’s after for the win.

We must have just missed Flipper….we gave him 5 minutes then had to let the ponies run.  We caught up with him right after COT, so we will throw him a bone and put him in the pax list.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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