Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Punisher digest – December 2018


Glad to see EF Hutton in the LHES parking area as YHC crossed the school yard ahead of the first Punisher in December.  We moseyed to the Hermitage Road side of the school for a startup COP with conversational offerings of most of the usual – Imaginary Jump Ropes, DQs, IWs, Russian Soldiers, Helicopters, and Arm Circles.

Quick mosey to the outdoor classroom for Elevens with Derkins and Squats.  Jogged around the back to the playground for playground swing with Jerkins alternating with some Mary.  Moved to the far northeastern corner of the school ground for sidewalk square escalator alternating Carolina Dry Docks, 5 Second Squats, and Flutter Kicks.  Headed back the way we came, stopping at the school for double checks starting with People’s Chair and Bear Crawls, then Wall Crawls and Crab Walks.  Held People’s Chair variants at the wall (both legs, then right leg, then left).  Hit the grass for LBC varieties and stretching.

Back to the parking lot for “C”OT and YHC took us out.

Punisher attendance poor during the past month or so.  YHC had been out a bit in November.  As I understand it, Nightcrawler posted solo a couple of times.  FYI, the plan is to keep this AO going – evening offering at the same time and same location.  Headlocking at Holiday parties, appealing to 2019 resolutions.


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