Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just Like Working Out in a Prison


37 Gladiators of the Gloom faced cold weather and certain beat down for the following, more or less.

Mosey to the first traffic circle for COP:

  • Helicopters
  • Don Quixote
  • HRM
  • Crab Cakes
  • SSH

Over to the amphitheater:

  • Descending count of Monkey Humpers – start with 18
  • At the bottom, partner up for 3×20 Wilson’s Boxing Cockroaches
  • Ascending count of Box Cutters and end at 18

Jog on back to the Rusty Cage.  5 Pullups, 10 Dips, run to the fire hydrant and do 20 scissor kicks.  Three times through.

Partner up for Jerkins – 4 sets of 7.

Over to the Penny Stage, home base of Touch a Tree

  • First Round – 4 trees while the partner does dips
  • Second Round – 7 trees while the partner performs BTTW
  • Third Round – 9 trees while the partner performs Copperhead Squats

Captain Thor Pyramids with a 1:4 ratio of WWII and 2 count American Hammers – 1:4, 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, 5:20, 4: 16, 3:12, 2:8, 1:4

Off on a nice jog across the Carillon field for Pole Smokers.  Seven Heels to Heaven and then run down the line while the Pax perform 6 inches or 90 degrees.

YHC took us out.


  • Marmaduke – Coat collection is underway though year end.  We need 25 more by year end to hit 100 so keep the coats coming!
  • HDHH 12/19 – SOJ Capital Alehouse

I may have missed a couple of names.  Let me know.

Time to Taper,




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  1. Good job, LJ! Way to keep the crowd semi-tame. Lot of Mumblechatter even without the usual suspects present(Hardywood, Labrat, etc.). Nice partnering with Upchuck, Pavoratti and LJ. Sorry I had to miss the last 10 minutes, COT and ET’s. Have a great rest of the weekend all!

  2. Nice to see the pre-dawn ruckers out there. The New Market clowns must have left right after cow milkin’ time. Great to see Recall back out. Way to push. Huge numbers today, awesome!

  3. Nice beat down LJ. Abs are burning. Can we petition for a better name than Wilson’s Boxing Cockroaches?

  4. LJ – the title of the BB has prompted some questions! Next time we see each other ok? Killer beating! Well done by all.

  5. It comes from the mumble chatter doing the descending Monkey Humpers down the amphitheater steps. Someone said they had to keep going before the guy on the step right behind him caught up and closed in on the step he was on. Someone else said at least it wasn’t a Monkey Humper and Upright Alabama Prom Date workout. Then Gomer Pyle said: “Just like working out in prison.” There were a couple of other prison references during the cockroaches.

    Hence the backblast title.

  6. Great start to the weekend as usual. Good Q LJ. Way to keep the mob in order. The amphitheater work set the tone early. Great partner work today. Thanks Wilson, Flatline and Spit for the partner work. With 37 PAX and some deep, cold gloom, I didn’t even realize L.O.L.A. LOLA was there until the lights came on upon returning to the flag. Great to see so many guys out on a beautiful Saturday morning.

  7. Let’s all acknowledge this merkin-friendly workout and the clear and concise instructions from our illustrious Q. Great closeout LJ acknowledging the significance of this date.

    Any passing monkey would have made a quick exit upon encountering this beatdown.