Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Return of the Twin Team Beast


Six men broke loose from the strong grips of the fartsack this morning to face the Twin Team Beast.  Here’s what went down:

Mosey to Twin Team hill for a short COP:

SSH x 30

DQ x 15

All stretched out and blood pumping, the PAX was ready (or not) for YHCs beast modification for Twin Team hill. With the help of two flashing running lights planted half-way and all-the-way up Twin Team, four rounds of the beast followed:

Round 1: Run half-way up Twin Team (to first flashing light) and perform 10 merkins; run the rest of the way up Twin Team (to second flashing light), 10 merkins; run back to half-way point, 10 merkins; run all the way back to the bottom, 10 merkins, plank for the six

Round 2: Repeat with squats

Round 3: WWIIs

Round 4: Two-count flutter kicks

With no time remaining for rounds 5 and 6, mosey back to Bettie Weaver for a burpee ring-of-fire.

Numbers, names, announcements, and YHC took us out.


  • Marmaduke is still collecting coats.
  • HDHH on 12/19 – Capital Alehouse SOJ. See Flatline for directions.

NMS: 5:30 arrives and YHC points the PAX to Twin Team hill. Noticeable groans followed, but YHC was undeterred. Despite being the namesake of the AO, Twin Team hill has been neglected as of late. Yes, it’s dark over there…but YHC really felt that the hill deserved some attention. Hearing this, Gumbo said that we should just rename the AO “Flat Ground”. YHC has mixed feelings.

Although 6 rounds were planned, only 4 actually happened before time ran out. YHC introduced the Twin Team modified beast at a hot potato Q a while back…we made it through 2 rounds before passing the Q. With 4 rounds done today, I’m thinking we’ll hit all 6 next time.

As typical for a beast, the final round was to include burpees. Since that didn’t happen, a burpee ring of fire was called.  Mumblechatter was somewhat light given the amount of oxygen required to climb Twin Team….although some (perhaps well warranted) grumbling could still be heard. The PAX persevered and crushed it as always.

Thanks to Flange for making an appearance after seeing YHC on the Q sheet…much appreciated…and enjoyed the conversation.

Great work today fellas!

Peace…I’m out!



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  1. 2 stops, 4 rounds – that was still one of the roughest Beasts I’ve done in a while. My watch clocked in around 3.5 miles. And I was gasping for air after the first 5 minutes. B.R.U.T.A.L!

    Well done, Tobit. Keep giving Twin Team love and respect. It deserves it.

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