Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tree Work


18 Studs posted this morning in the crisp cold gloom and here is how it went down.

COP : SSH’s, Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, Flutter Kicks, APD’s, LBC’s.

Tree Work : one the short side of the field – 5 hand release merkins at each tree – long side of the field 5 merkins each tree – short side of the field 5 Chuck Norris merkins at each tree.

Wilson’s Boxing Cockroach – 3 set’s of 20.

Triple Check : run the perimeter of the black top – LT Dans, Cap Thor’s

Polarbears to the fence – donkey kicks run back – Karaoke to fence – heals to heaven run back – Karaoke to the fence mountain climbers run back – bear crawl to the fence 10 clerkins run back.

Native American Run around school back to flag.

Mary : 6 inches

The scoop : The pax stayed in their vehicles until 5.27 this morning (Good call).. . We got moving and stayed moving for 45 min. YHC apologizes to those without gloves this morning (TYA – Kubota) way to tough it out fella’s most of us except Hardywood (Stud) were bundled up  and ready to shed some clothes 10 min in.. It’s still shorts weather though guys – whats the deal with these pants I’m seeing ?? Handshake crushed the treework – atta baby – Hardywood totally smoked Wilson’s boxing cockroach 🙂 Conspiracy flew through the triple check, Dr Try Hard killed the polar bear / Karaoke/ bear crawl, Greenbow pushed hard on the Indian run – and Kubota and TYA did it all with out gloves (not there is anything wrong with that 🙂 ) Great to see all of the pax out there this morning way to push – holding the 6 inches at the end on the cold ground is no joke !  Great partnering with Seymour and Pucker on the triple check.  Thanks to my man  Bleeder for calling me in in relief today.. I appreciate the pax allowing me to lead – great work guys.

Announcements : Hardywood has pigs – anybody want one for Christmas – see him 🙂 Yo ! one of Hardywoods 2.0’s (oldest daughter) wrote a freaken book – yep that’s right she wrote a book – and there will be a book signing celebration next Friday – watch for a blast from Hardywood on that – and congrats on that dude – that’s huge! Dr. Try hard says there may be a Holiday Happy Hour sometime at Capital Ale House so just head there every evening after work  until you see some brothers 🙂 ah … actually stay tuned on that – he’s gonna get some more info !

Thanks to Vinny for taking us out – very well said brother!

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Way to take the lead, Swirly! I like the no gloves approach. If the hands are completely numb, then there is no pain to be felt, right TYA. Unusual morning in that Keymaster was there but there was no extracurricular noises or scents around. Great partner work Vinny and Snip-it. Have a great day all!

  2. Solid beat down today. Loved the tree work setup. Congrats are also in order to Swirly. His daughter was appointed by the Governor to the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth – serving a 4 year term. That is awesome! I forgot to mention that while taking us out this morning, sorry. Congrats to your daughter and your family on this outstanding accomplishment.

  3. Great job Swirly! There was no doubt you kept us on the fly the whole time. Congrats as well on your daughters appointment.

    Congrats as well to you Hardywood!

  4. Great work guys. Way to get back out Snip It. And, it appears that Conspiracy has doubled-down on his re-commitment. Awesome!

    HDHH – 12/19 at Capital Ale SOJ – I think Rosie will be putting out a Pre-blast with details.

    Congrats to Swirly and Hardywood…hmmm, two of the most dedicated and motivational men, and fathers, that I know have amazing 2.0s…go figure? Awesome accomplishments. I know you are both proud!

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I apologize for leaving you off the pax list Hardywood – you are good now dude ! Thanks for giving me a heads up..