Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Making Zinfandel


9 Heartbreak regulars and 1 out of town guest emerged on a frosty morning to dust off the cobwebs


SSH, Merkins, Don Quioxtes, LBC’s, Arm Circles.  Followed up by 13 Burpees to honor Hoedown’s tradition of Burpees for however many points the Redskins scored the night before

The Thang:

Triple Check – Partner 1 – Run the Bus Loop, Partner 2 – WWII’s, Partner 3 – Balls to the Wall.  Three Rounds

Four Corners – First Corner 10 Hand Release Merkins, Second Corner 20 WWII’s, Third Corner 30 Monkey Humpers, Fourth Corner 40 SSH’s, reverse – 40 Flutter Kicks (2 count), 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 WWII’s, 10 Hand Release Merks

Mosey to Side Entrance – Pick a Flavor Exercise for 60 seconds – First Round – Merkins (Regular, Wide, Diamond, Hand Release, Decline, etc) for 60 seconds, rest for 20 count, Second Round – Abs (LBC’s, WWII’s, Freddie Mercuries, etc) for 60 seconds, rest for 20 count, Third Round – Legs (Squats, Jump Squats, Monkey Humpers, etc) for 60 seconds.

Mosey to Jerkin Gym – Partner Up – each Partner does 10 Jerkins and switch for a total of 3 sets

Numberama, Namerama, COT

Moleskin – 

YHC checked the Q sheet late yesterday and didn’t see a Q listed, a quick text to Mr. Holland to see if he was going to jump on the Q (Mr. Holland is always good for a last minute Q), but YHC quickly found out he would be Rucking with Honeydo and Crew.  A text was sent to Loose Goose but I think it was lost in Cyber Space because no response was received.  Finally YHC thought it must be a sign for a VQ+1, and around 10:00 last night YHC signed up and started planning.  YHC has always done best when his hand is forced. After it was all said and done it was a great morning to be out with the guys.  Zinfandel was in town for work, he is with F3 Western Union County in the Charlotte area, we were glad to have him out.  He’s been with F3 for 4 month’s and he’s all-in, he even posted in Chicago last week in the snow (I think he said he was the Q too).  His name is Zinfandel because he is a big beer lover and in true F3 fashion was given a nickname the opposite of his passion.

Today’s title is in honor of the grape stomping we did in the mud pit by the Jerkin Bars.  YHC thinks there will always be Jerkins when he is Q-ing.  He thinks it’s time to get Muck Boots on order, its always a swamp over there.

No announcements today, everyone was a little quiet, it must be a busy week for everyone.  Keep up the great work and finish the day strong.

See y’all in The Gloom!



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  1. Great to see 10 pax there with 2 regulars rucking in Daville. Has Goose flown south for the winter??

  2. Indeed I didn’t see your text because I was already sleeping… trying to get rid of this damn cold and cough so I can rejoin the pax! Looks like a good beatdown, sorry I missed it