Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How NOT to Plant a Shovel Flag With a Ruck


13 Rucksacks, 4 sand bags, 1 shovel flag, and the appropriate number of pax for rucks decended upon DaVille this morning to wait on their Q.  He showed up with 30 seconds less than what time he needed to get an actual pair of gloves, but the workout at least started on time.

Pax reluctantly joined Lab Rat at his vehicle after some prodding to pick up accessories for this mornings workout.  I mean, if we arent going to run, we have to carry stuff!  A little late night reconnaissance last night netted a huge score for those that either want free weight to carry around, or if anybody wanted to install their own home bocci ball course.  The local tennis courts have piles of old clay for the clay courts out back and I gained permission to take all I wanted.  “Enter the sand bag”….apologies to Metallica.

We rucked over to basketball courts, where we let Bulkhead catch up to us and let EF Hutton secure the shovel flag and then fall over backwards.  NICE.  It went something like this:  Huge round of laughter…..wait is he ok????  Yes he is…..another round of laughter.  After things calmed down, we had a BIG disclaimer seeing this is the first time we have done this and the Q wanted zero reported injuries afterwards.  Regular COP with packs on the ground to ensure everybody loosened up and got the blood flowing before we did anything really stupid.

We rucked thru the cedars because fun, looking for the beach volleyball courts….which somehow we didnt find.  No matter, the soccer field will suffice.  Triple check consisting of 20 ruck swings (point man), lunges with a sand bag, and situps with ruck on chest.  This was NO JOKE.  Afterwards, we bear crawled the width of the soccer field (kind of in the ditch????), followed by a ruck/shuffle to the front of the school.

Once we reached the front, everybody took a nice comfy air seat against the “bulkhead”, where we did wall sits for a couple minutes, alternating between 45 degree and 90 degree knees.  Back to the traditional shovel flag spot, and we finished it up with 8 count body builders (slow cadence to protect the back of your head).  These also NO JOKE.  We did 6….7 would have been painful.

It was great to see a diverse crowd of people out this morning!  Thanks to the traveling pax members for joining us.  I hope that everybody is sore but healthy.  My goal this morning was an intro to a rucking style workout where we tried out multiple new twists and nobody gets hurt…I hope it was successful.

Apology of the week goes out to all pax for being rushed at the start.  For those that didnt hear, I was late because one of the dogs “hid” my shoes outside in the back yard.  Fun.


-GrowRuck the weekend of March 24th.  Honey Do is taking the lead, see preblast.  Pax coming so far from Roanoke, Hampton, Charlotte, and Pennsylvania!

-Army Navy game this weekend, Bulkhead is buying the first round at a location to be disclosed soon.  Go Navy!

-Mudface and No Idea are heading up a team for the Rugged Maniac on May 4th.  See them for the deets.


Lab Rat apologizes…



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  1. Nice Q Lab Rat. Rucking keeps the pax close together for more mumblechatter. Now everyone sign up for the VA Growruck in March right now.

  2. I had fun, hope everybody else did too. Those bear crawls sucked though….weight in the back of the dome.

  3. All fun and games until you end up like a turtle on its back.

    I’d like to see someone else jump to plant the flag while wearing a ruck, so I can experience the same enjoyment you all must have gotten out of seeing me do that.

  4. Shovel flag fail alone worth the trip up. All in good fun, Hutton.
    Thanks for leading, Labrat. Enjoyed the change of pace.