Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bleeder, Did You Pee?


An even five posted to start their weeks off right, Batteau style. Here’s how it popped off:

Swirly Q: SSHs / Helicopters / DQs / Merkins / LBCs … Mosey over to picnic benches. Round 1: 20 dips + 10 incline merkins and run around the small loop. Round 2: 10 step ups + bear craw from curb to curb. 5 merkins at each curb. Repeato x 3. Round 3: 20 sit-ups with feet on the picnic bench + 10 decline merkins. Repeat each round x 3.

Vinny Q: Indigenous People Run (ground and pound style). Round 1: Rabbit does 20 heels to heaven while PAX does flutter kicks. Round 2: Rabbit does 15 WWIIs while PAX does LBCs. Round 3: Rabbit does 10 merkins while PAX holds elbow plank. … Mosey down the hill of ill repute to the lake for ten burpees OYO.

ABBA Q: Run around the lake. Alternating lit lamps. First lamp 15 squats. Second lamp 5 merkins. Repeato back to the start. Lunges up the hill of ill repute to the first light. Bear crawl to the second light. Audible back to the flag for Mary. 20 LBCs OYO. Hold Helix squat for 90 seconds.

YHC took us out.

Announcements: N/A Congrats to our Bear Creek 10 milers. Sounds like shoes were lost and man crushes were outed. Way to work fellas!

Moleskin: Another solid hot potato at Batteau. I didn’t really want to run much today given Sunday Funday, but then decided it would be a good idea to run down the hill of ill repute. What goes down, must come up. As we were circling the cold damp lake, YHC noticed a warm spot. Which begged the question, Bleeder, did you pee? To which he promptly responded by blaming Swirly, ABBA or Faceplant.  Which made sense given the flow of the current. (Perhaps you had to be there).

YHC has really noticed how fast the holidays have become. I challenge all of you to remind yourselves daily to view the holidays through the lens of your children, or the young ones in your family. See the joy and excitement they carry. The passion for the moment during this time of year. Stay in it men, it’ll be truly awesome!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job guys – thanks for writing it up Vinny.
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. Damn, after yesterday, I bet the Hill of Ill Repute felt awesome, Vinny. Way to post and crush it.

    Aye to your message about the Holidays. They get faster and more hectic every year but its the traditions and the little reflective moments with the family, especially the young ones, that brings it back to what it is meant to be. Great reminder.

  3. Vinny’s holiday message?! Seeing the joy in my kids faces at the Christmas Parade on Saturday will get me through the holiday season with a permanent smile on my face! Thanks for letting us roll over there with you, Vinny!