Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunday Funday Five-Pack


4 men who just have not have not had enough Gumbo this week posted to the Sunday Funday run this morning.  Vinny even came barreling in with the Stache still in tact – that thing should have its own side-car.  The consensus was that the trails were likely muddy, so instead we opted for the roads.  We crossed the bridge over to Riverside Drive and worked our way down to Pottersfield bridge and across, up the big hill from Tredgard up toward the Va War Memorial, then weaved our way through Oregon Hill and back to the Pump House.  By YHC’s watch it was just under 7.5 miles.  Great run.  Better Fellowship.

Thanks for indulging me all week.  It has been awesome.  Have a great rest of your Sunday men!  I hope Bear Creek is going well for all the F3RVA participants.

And, there really is No More Gumbo For You…for a while.


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  1. Other than clearing a little mold allergy merlot on Riverside Drive, it was a great run as usual. Sunday Funday is a great time to get to know better our brothers. For those who don’t hit Sunday Funday much, consider posting some time. On a sad note, Vinny’s stache has been burned down – for now.

  2. Glad I got to say hello and goodbye to Vinny’s stache today. Great to get out to Sunday Funday again, it’s been too long.