Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bear Creek 2018


On a day  presenting weather that epitomizes “The Gloom”, 7 sturdy steeds descended upon the Bear Creek 10 miler to see what the adverse conditions had in store…none were disappointed.  Observations and commendations were as follows:

  • Conditions at BC offered a new and unique challenge.  Cold, extremely damp conditions were coupled with trails that were covered in (deep) mud and made for some cold stream crossings.
  • Newly “installed” obstacle course involved over 50 to 100 downed trees that had to be climbed or jumped over (or crawled under).
  • To say the mud was deep and omnipresent is not an exaggeration.  One had to be extremely careful going down hills.  Also, we had two PAX (TYA and Flipper) have their shoes sucked-up by the primordial ooze.  TYA said it took two hands and leverage to extricate his shoe.
  • Flip-Dog ran his first 10 miler ever.  What’s equally more impressive is that it was under these conditions.
  • Per usual, Gomer Pyle made others blush in his running tights.  YHC is convinced he must have prosthetic inserts in those pants…no-one absent an NFL-Running Back has definition like that.
  • Olivander was ninja-like, as he managed to advance ahead of Shakedown without being seen.  His outfit, which resembled something whey would wear on the space shuttle, may have had something to do with it.
  • Bootleg was all business as he smoked the trail run and came in with an impressive time.  Amazing what he continues to accomplish.
  • It was great seeing TYA race another woman for placement in the females-over-50 category.  Here’s to hoping he is still in the top 3.
  • Circle K put it well…Absent hanging with us knuckleheads, Col-Beer and Chicken Bog was his main reason for being there.
  • HUGE shout-out to Shakedown for presenting the PAX with a post-run tailgate.  His Lab-Rat-esque Chicken (and sausage) Bog stood on its own and took the chill out of a very chilled and worn-out PAX.  He also offered some to a number of passers-by out of good fellowship – for which Shakedown is well known.
  • Feel free to add anything I missed fellas

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  1. Awesome work, fellas. This is a challenging event without the mud. The brain likes to see where the foot is going to land. Absent x-ray vision and / or a personal blower (sophomoric humor?), that’s often not an option this time of year.

    Well done, boys. Hope it was fun.

  2. ‘‘Twas muddy.

    Thanks for writing the BB Saab. Good to hang out with you all today. Wish I had more time. Great to run with GP even with him in his “stupid sexy Flanders” tights.

    Good times.

  3. Nice run gents

    AAR:. I can see why people like it.

    Easy to why Swirly would rather run elsewhere… In the woods, the gloom combined with the ground cover made it tough to see the rocks, roots, holes, and qucksand ooze. Limited passing opportunities.

    Caught myself enjoying, um scenery, and paid for it. Also while actually twisting my right foot, My left feels like it from the sliding and haphazard purchase… its gotta suck worse back there.

    This race is a test of fitness. Last 2 miles were tough.

    Nothing is better than running with the crew and the 2nd F.

    And all together, that’s why everyone should do it.

    Props to the first time runners. And extras to Flipper- That’s a tough first 10 mile run.

    Thanks to Shakes for the initiative to seize and occupy ground.

  4. Saab I seem to be left out of the Pax list… but according to my profound lates day limping I was assuredly there… I want to thank every man of F3.. Never ever in my life did I ever envision I could do this… not as a teenager.. not at 26 or 36 but at 46 I did it!!! There will be a price to pay… probably won’t walk right for a week but today proved… with the right people in your life, with some hard work and determination and as long as no matter what you #neverquit… you can absolutely accomplish anything… when I was a kid my Dad organized and put on the Nokesville Day 10 Miler… the first time I remember setting up for that race I was in Kindergarten in a Wheel Chair with Casts on both legs to the hips…I remember thinking I would probably never be able to do that… my Dad told me I could do anything I set my mind to… he died when I was 12 and Today was for Him!! Sorry fellas but this was a big deal for me personally!!

  5. I hated to miss it, but at least I made the bb. Talked to Shakes at lunch, seems like it was extra gooey this year.

  6. Sorry I missed it this year. On track to get back to it next year. Flipper – way to go. That’s one hell of an accomplishment.

  7. MY MAN!! That is awesome! There aren’t enough t-claps (where did that button go anyway?) or exclamation points to add to do it justice. You’ve got heart and grit, baby. Love it!