Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just Like Old Times


Fourteen of RVA’s finest came out for some post holiday miles.

The Route

Around the lake and take the access road beside the baseball field to the parking lot.  Cross the parking lot and cut through the fraternities taking the door in the fence to Baldwin.

Left on Baldwin to Rock Creek.  Left on RC, left on Forest, right on University Blvd.  Take a right on Nalla.

4s – turn around at Patterson and return on the same route.

5s – cross Patterson and take Santa Ana to Camden.  Left on Camden, left on Rolando, and right on Santa Ana.  Cross Patterson and retrace you steps back to the VSF.

6s – cross Patterson and take a left on Rolando to Parham.  Right on Parham and a right on Holy Hill.  Left on Maywood and and right on Santa Ana.  Cross Patterson and retrace your steps back to the VSF.

Shakedown took us out.

The Moleskin

YHC ran a route similar to this one for high school cross country training.  Except that route originated at the high school and wrapped through UR and looped back to Freeman.  Running with Shakedown, Hutton, and Swirly was like the group I ran with in high school too, except we are slower and possibly more mature.  Emphasis on possibly.

Needless to say, good mumble chatter with this group ranging from ruck designs to Friday’s game.

It sounds like there were detours and alternate routes executed by the other Pax, but all returned safely and on time.

Question for the Pax:  What goes on in the 6-mile and 4-mile groups?  Is the 6 mile all business at maximum speed?  YHC is curious.




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good route Lockjaw – enjoyed running with you, Shakedown, and EF Hutton!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Legs were heavy today, but it as a great run. The 4-milers usually discuss the weakness of men wearing thumb holes.

  3. Lol – the man who wears more pastel and pink than anyone I know thinks thumbholes are girly. Love you Vinny but you a funny MFr

    I’m gonna send you some pics a recently acquired Condor Tactical fleece I just got that has thumb holes. Manly baby. Manly.

    Good run fellas. My legs felt heavy today too. Good mumblechatter

  4. Those are all gentleman’s colors. Even TYA agrees with me on this one brother. You’re on a thumb hole island. I hear the F3 UGGS are on back order. 🙂

  5. How cool is that to share in one of your old cross country routes…thanks Lockjaw.

    What do the 6 milers chat about?….Lockjaw’s impressive arsenal of theme-based runs, TYA’s revealing running-wear, and what shortcuts can be made so as to maintain the impression of actually having run a full 6 miles.

  6. I thought I saw some familiar faces hanging out behind the Burger King passing time. Makes sense.