Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Six strong posted to Gridiron.  Bogey, from NC, was waiting to receive his first RVA beatdown.  We did:

COP:  SSH, Hillbillies, Merkins, Don Qs, Scorpion Kicsk, Flutterkicks.  Stay on main field for some Benchwork:  4 Rounds increasing by 5 starting at 5:  Derkins & Box Jumps – run width of field between exercises.  Down to SPMS for:

Triple Check:  Donkey Kicks, Reverse Crunches, & run loop.  Head back to Jerkin bars:  Descending Jerkins: 10 down to 1.  Then 3 Sets of PLTs, 10 Burpees for Chum, head to shelter- 2 Rounds of 30 Dips & 10 Step ups.  Back to main field:  Sprints to the 50, 75, and 100.  Finish with Bear Crawl to mid-field then back to flag for 2 min of Mary.  Atilla took us out.

NMS –  What better way to ensure you post after Thanksgiving than to sign up to Q.  YHC arrived to see Bogey streching out and met Quest.  Good to see Atilla back home from his trip to AL this week.  Jville lamented the Donkey Kicks during the triple check after doing a ton on Thanksgiving at CM.

The RVA PAX were happy to introduce Bogey to Jerkins.  He immediately groaned once we started and swore he will import the Jerkins back to Chapel Hill.  Thanks to Handshake’s VQ earlier this week for the idea of the 10 down to 1.  Bogey’s in-laws live in RVA so hope to see him back in the VA gloom in the future.  Atilla was quiet today, likely still stewing in the Hoos loss last night to VT, I hope you got you dead car figured out.  Sounds like Earthworm is recovering well from surgery.

Coffee after was great to get to know Quest, who was not EH’ed but heard about F3 on a podcast. Happy to see you becoming a regular at Gridiron.


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