Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

70 and Sunny


18 of RVA’s finest conquered the fartsack and enjoyed a balmy morning saunter through the park at WDOG.  Here is how it went down:

Mosey to the circle in front of the Carillon, warm up running the circle with some inside and outside shuffles and some straight forward running.  Circle up, all IC: Don Quixote x 10, Helicopter x 10, SSH x 20, Merkin 1.5’s x 10, LBC x 20.

Worlds’s Longest Triple Check: on the long triangle, partner 1 bear crawls the short road, runs down the hill, and runs backwards up the hill.  Partner 2: Copperhead squats, and Partner 3: LBC.  Three times through.  Plank-o-rama for the six.

Winner’s Circle:  In the circle by the Carillon, with one hand on inside curb, one on ground, do one merkin.  Sideways bear crawl to outer curb, 2 merkins with other hand on curb, sideways bear crawl back to inner curb for 3 merkins…up to 4, repeat and back down.  Al Gore’s for the six.

Mosey past the flag and partner up for 50 x PLT each man.

Back to the flag, AYG.

Number-ama, Name-arama, Announcements and YHC took us out.



TYA has the Thanksgiving Q at Mary Mumford tomorrow, starts at 6am. Coffeeteria to follow.  Come out and earn some extra pie.

Upchuck has the Breaking Bread Q Sunday and needs another man.  See him if you would like to help out.

…I feel like I am missing one here, help a brother out?



Great work this morning, men.  The Triple Check was a lot longer than expected, because that triangle was bigger than I remembered.  Way to push through anyway.  Which brings me to my thoughts on how Thankful I am for this group of men.  We show up in the heat and humidity of summer, in the cold of winter, in the rain, in the snow.  It was 29 by my car, with frost on the ground, and yet 18 men stood tall and challenged themselves out there today.  We face adversity like that, in a place where its OK to fail.  We learn to push through adversity, together in the gloom, and each become better men for it.  It’s exactly what “70 and Sunny” is about.  I give thanks to that every time I post.  It was an honor to lead you today!

Sugar Sock out.




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  1. Nice Q, SS! That was a long Triple Check. Thanks to Bleeder, Conspiracy an Slurpee for the teamwork. Speaking of the Triple Check, the pax’s (including my) math skills get more than impressive every day. 18 pax this morning and I was on a team of 4! Whatever, it worked out. Great job on the PLT’s Flange!
    See you boys tomorrow!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Heck of a triple check Sugar Sock… Great job guys way to work..
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Perfect weather morning. Cold crisp air was welcome. Great Q Sugar Sock. The super sized triple checks are becoming a thing. Invites solid mumble chatter. See Upchuck if you have a truckbed and are headed to Atlanta. Have a great holiday weekend fellas!

  4. Triple check of pain…shoulders were feeling it…count was 340 LBCs. 320 in the TC plus 20 in the COP. Add in the PLTs and I’m thinking 6 pack abs by Thanksgiving!!

  5. Great Q Sugar Sock! Feeling the backwards run from Triple check already…. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

  6. Great Q Sugar Sock and excellent closing words, very well said. The Triple Check was long but Winner’s Circle and 50 straight PLT did me in. Make it a good one fellas.

  7. Somehow Gomer Pile and I ended up as a team of 2 and took our cue to rotate from other groups when neither of us was a runner. Math or not, work was put in by all!

  8. Bleeder and I blended into one person. It worked out, except when he was bear crawling, I was sprinting to keep up?

  9. Great workout, men.

    Bleeder is formidable in a bear crawl to be sure. I think Hutton is on par. He ran a few down in the gloom.

    Happy Thanksgiving gents.