Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Swimming at Hoedown



Ten warriors, sans webbed feet, huddled in the crisp fall air before embarking on today’s hoedown.  Start off with a 3/4 mile run then huddle around the shovel flag.  Resist Conspiracy’s call to number off before tackling this ground ‘n pound.

The Thang
Repeat the following x2
SSH – 25
Merkin – 10
WWII – 10
Copperhead Squats – 10

Repeat the following x5
Merkin – 15
WWII – 15
Copperhead Squats – 15
Worm Merkin – 10
30 second plank

Repeat the following x2
Lunges – 10x each leg
WWII – 15
Flutter Kick – 30

Mosey to the wall for triple check.  People’s chair, mountain climbers, and a lap around the loop.

10x ring of fire then we were complete.

Numbers, names and YHC took us out.

The idea for this workout started a few months ago when my daughter came home from swimming practice and told me they did a boot camp, after their normal swim practice.  She wrote it down for me and I filed it in the backlog for things to get to at an F3 workout.  Today seemed like a good day to test it out.  YHC added the run at the beginning and the triple check + ROF.  Everything else was stolen from her workout.

YHC must have a reputation for patterns and numbers as the PAX was gleefully attempting to figure out the next exercise throughout the first two rounds.  Then they gave up.  Maybe out of boredom or perhaps out of exhaustion.  Today was no joke.

For those counting, we did 155 merkins.  Apologies to Keymaster for attempting to run him off the road on Sunday.  It’s nothing against you, YHC frequently attempts to run people off the road.

– Handshake VQ at Heartbreak tomorrow.  For those that want to run, UpChuck has Spider Run.
– 1 hour Berkley plantation workout at Mary Munford Thursday morning at 6:00
– Conspiracy has v1.0 of big data dating back to 2015.  According to his records F3RVA has a 70% abandon rate after the first post.  I think we’ve gotten better since then.

Big Data is watching.



  1. Great workout, Splinter nice Q!! I still cant believe your daughter’s team does that after hitting the pool!

  2. That 11 year old must be quite a kid. If she was hurting for 3 days, it’s going to be a loooonnngggg Thanksgiving afternoon.

    Good luck with the VQ tomorrow, Handshake. When in doubt, say the words,”Let’s mosey,” and just start jogging off…works like a charm.