Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sprinting for the arms and legs


It was cool but humid this morning as two PAX gathered for a Bateau Beatdown.

Sippy leads.

COP–Helicopters, Don Quixote, Imperial Walkers, In Cadence Burpees, Merkins.

Grab Rocks and head to grass for some Box and Rocks.  Each kickboxing alternated on the Right and then left side, for 20 seconds each with a 10 second rest.


Rnd1.  Jab-Jab-Cross (L and R)

Rnd2.  Jab-Cross-Uppercut

Rocks–Plank on rock to rest, then 8x crossover Merkins

Rnd3. Jab-Cross-Hook-Hook

Rnd4. Jab-Jab-Front Elbow-Back Elbow

Rocks–Plank to rest then, 15x tenderizers (overhead slams)

Rnd5. Jab-Jab, Rear kick

Rnd 6.  Jab-Cross Burnout leaving arms up.

Rocks–Plank to rest then Mosey to the in construction tennis court and lift and throw rock across double-wide court, repeating until both PAX reach the end.

Take rocks back.

Faceplant leading.

Mosey down to lake for a full loop.  Alternate between sprinting and lunging between light poles with 10 WWIIs at each light pole.

Mosey to the Flag.

COT.  Sippy closed it out.


Cardio kickboxing is kind of like sprinting for the arms, we figured out.  You end up as out of breath as a wind sprint and use a lot of core and upper body explosive movements just like accelerating for a sprint.  So we got sprints in both ways today!

Workouts with 2 lead to some nice conversations when the PAX are not out of breath.  We chatted about 10K times, Faceplant’s upcoming trip to Austria and Eastern Europe, injuries, the impacts of F3 and the like.  It was good to get to know you better Faceplant!


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