Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ruth & Ollie and Al’s Toy Barn


12 Ruth & Ollie regulars and one Al’s Toy Barn FNG posted at Ruth & Ollie for the book signing of all book signings. It went like this:

COP: Arm Circles (forward & reverso) / 16 burpees in honor of Marv still not posting the BB from last Friday. 16 BBs have been posted since then, and counting. Thanks Marv. / Helicpoters / Invisibile Jump Rope / LBCs / Scorpion Kicks.

Thang 1: Merkin Beast: 1st round – Wiper Merkins. 2nd round – Wide Grip Merkins. 3rd round – Diamond Merkins. 4th round – HR Merkins. 5th round – Chuck Norris Knuckle Merkins. 6th round – Mahky Mahk look yahrself in the mirrah, form Merkins.

Thang 2: Partner up: PLTs 4 rounds of 25. 1st round – left side. 2nd round – right side. 3rd round – middle. 4th round – dealers choice (80s & 90s mixed tape style). Heels to Heaven and SSHs for the Six.

Thang 3: New partners: Catch Me If You Can. Partner 1 polar bears on tennis courts while partner 2 performs 25 hill billies (2 count) and then chases down partner 1 for switcharoo. AMRAP style. Go hard to the whisle.

Thang 4: Merkin Ring of Fire: 10 merkins while PAX holds plank. After completion of circle PAX bear crawls into the center of the circle to warm up and perform 20 merkins in unison.

Back to the Flag – YHC took us out.

For those on the Merkin Challenge, you did 246 plus however many you completed during Thang 3.

Announcements: YHC’s M has a book release and signing party tonight at Ruth & Ollie in Carytown from 4 to 7. Kids are welcome. Even you Saab!. It’s a children’s book about The Homestead. YHC’s M illustrated the book. Along with free beer/wine and food, the books will be for sale, as well as original art from the books and other unrelated original art. Please swing by if for no other reason than to see YHC in a bow tie and TYA in his Yard Khakis.

Moleskin: Today was a great day to be out. Glad to have y’all on board and welcome Toy Story. You can’t post to your first beatdown in a blue Mini Cooper, profess to be a film maker, and walk away with any other name. I know, Lab Rat will have some “better” offering. Hardywood also has a book signing tonight. It’s in WACO, Texas. Something about animal husbandry. See him for more details.


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  1. Thanks for coming out today and letting me lead under the strong influence of DayQuil. Always a pleasure.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q Vinny – love the merkin beast !
    Haven’t felt freezing cold hands in a while – wow !
    See y’all in the gloom.. Or of course at the book signing…

  3. Nice one, Vinny! Way to work on the Beast, all. Welcome to Toy Story. Great partnering with you. Hardywood was freakin hilarious in the COT! See everyone tonight at M. Vinny’s VQ!

  4. Yes! The Hardywood Book Signing is at an old compound outside of Waco. I think something happened there a long time ago.

    Also of note, this was one of the hardest mental workouts I’ve had in quite some time. There is ZERO ZERO ZERO chance I do this workout, in these conditions solo. It is a blessing to learn grit in this way.

    Big thanks to the fellas who brought the pain this morning!

  5. Beautiful workout this morning. It’s amazing how the clouds broke and the sun came out just for us, 70 and Sunny was perfect. I feel bad for those who Fartsacked, we won’t see this kind of weather until 0530 tomorrow.

    Great job Vinny! Always a great beatdown, I will be feeling that one tomorrow.

    See y’all at Ruth and Ollie’s this afternoon.

  6. Props to Vinny for reminding me tonight is a kid friendly event. For some reason I was thinking of the location of Secco Bar when I heard “Ruth & Ollie’s” – hint: they’re not the same.

    I blame a combination of the gloom, and my constant looking over my shoulder for Sarah to come out in the rain to berate us.


  7. Now that feeling has returned to (most of) my digits I can tell you how grateful I was for the cover of darkness to hide my pathetic attempts at merkins today…. The company was great however.