Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You Need to Man Up or Stop Complaining


Lockjaw’s 11 greeted a midweek post with nothing but maximum effort.

The Thang

Long jog down the road to the circle on the other side of the Carillon for COP.

  • SSH
  • Helicopters
  • Don Quixote
  • Russian Soldiers
  • LBCs

Off to the main field for Lindsays around the field.  Merkins and Box Cutters.  Run the long sides and karaoke the short sides.  Russian Soldiers for the 6.

Partner up for Wilson’s Clown Punching Cockroaches: 3 sets of 20.

Position on the side of the field and partner up.  Wheelbarrow across and 10 Derkins.  Swap positions and return.  Repeat so everyone goes two times through.

Back to the grassy circle where we started for Triple Check:

  • Partner 1 – Runs the long triangle (just under a quarter mile or so)
  • Partner 2 – Elbow Planks
  • Partner 3 – Flutter Kicks

30 Merkins on your own.

Back to the VSF where Swirly took us out.

The Moleskin

Well, that was the longest Triple Check in recorded history taking just under 20 minutes.  Lots of love for those abs.

How does one get a workout group to stop calling an exercise after your wife?  Come up with an even better workout for adoption.  Wilson’t clown punching cockroaches made another appearance.  Works the abs and keep the rogue clowns at bay (and we had odd numbers today).

Backblast title comes from Swirly, as an example of the motivational sayings he posts on “Swirly’s Board” on Twitter.  YHC thinks we need to start a parody Instagram account called “Swirly is Bored” with pictures of him watching soccer or perhaps looking curious, yet disgusted, at a bowl of tofu at ETs.  Regardless, keep the mantras coming!


  • Handshake’s VQ is next Tuesday at Heartbreak.  It seems that his end of year performance review was going to suffer unless this was completed in 2018.
  • Vinny – There is a reception for his wife’s childrens book at Ruth and Ollie in Carytown.  Tomorrow 4-7pm.  Snacks.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q Lockjaw !
    Great job guys – way to work.
    Yep we each get to choose our attitude regardless of the situations we face – we can man up or complain – what are you gonna do ? I know what Swirly is gonna do!
    Make sure you check your twitter each day for Swirly’s Board – or just post !!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Solid beatdown today Lockjaw. Compton Vinny was glad to get back in the saddle. See y’all tomorrow at 45MOM for some serious fun.

  3. Great Q Lockjaw! I am smoked. Thanks for the push today fellas. Also, what in the heck has EF been eating? Brother got some wheels on him this morning during the triple check. Make it a great one fellas!

  4. Not usually the reason someone asks what the heck I’ve been eating.

    I was in a full on sprint up that hill and you cruised on by me like I was standing still.

    Solid Q LJ.

  5. It’s always a good time at W Dog. Lockjaw, you did not disappoint. That loop was perfect for a Triple Check.