Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Plan B


6 Brave souls dared the elements this morning to hopefully come out stronger for it.  YHC had a plan.  And then he didn’t.  This is about the Plan B’s in life.

Circuitous run around the parking lot.  Come back and circle up.
COP — IJR, Plank Jacks, Butt Kickers, American Hammers, Crunchy Frogs, Dying Cockroach

Get out the Phone and the bluetooth speaker for some fun, but wait what is that annoying popping sound?  Waited only a few seconds for it to correct itself, and then decided to scrap the songs and go with Plan B.

The Beast in the Lot
Exercises —
WW2 situps
one legged merkins
freddy mercuries

Run to the poles behind Atlee
On the way do two sets of ten merkins
Hold poles, one dude does leg lifts, everyone else at 6 inches
Reverso — gas pumps and everyone else at 6 inches

Back to lot for doracides
100 — Smurf Jacks
200 — jump squats
300 — oops — look at the time!  Back to the Flag.

Names, Numbers, Announcements

NMS — YHC had a really cool themed beatdown that included some fun music.  Last night when YHC tried his bluetooth speaker out it was making a weird clicking/popping noise.  So YHC knew there was a chance that a Plan B would have to happen.  Tried the sucker out in the car this morning and it was fine — until YHC got it out to use it at the beginning of the beatdown.  Click, click, click, pop, pop, pop.  I was ready with a Plan B though so the PAX went through the rest of the beatdown without a hitch.  Nice work, gentlemen!  Helix rocked the beastly burpees this morning!  Alas, YHC did not.
Sometimes, life throws us a curve ball.  One of those moments in time that we just didn’t see coming.  Do we have a plan B at the ready?  Are we willing to go with the flow and turn things that could be seen as awful into something good — a plan B that might have actually been better than the plan A we had for our own lives?
A quick story from YHC’s own life — When YHC graduated from college the first time around, he was ready to go out and start molding young children’s minds.  Unfortunately, that first year of teaching was miserable for YHC (for numerous reasons).  A total disaster.  YHC quit after the year was over and went back to school to get his music degree.  YHC loves his job now and is in a great school — YHC needed to remember what his passion has always been and seek it out.
Feel free to share your plan B stories below!



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  1. OPUS, I know three Hanover County 2.0s who are glad you had a Plan B for your career . Great workout today, too. Thanks for leading.

    It was great to see Flounder back in the PAX today after starting a new job!

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