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Always 70 and Sunny

They opened up the Carillon just in time for Veteran’s Day


Little did Lab Rat know, but today was the Marine Corps birthday.  Seems only fitting that a squid should take the Q to talk about how awesome vets are on a day to celebrate the Corps.  Luckily, 1 marine and 18 others came out to join him.

COP-  Run around the circle and do some karaoke plus backwards run.  To loosen you up, Spit!  Then a bunch of the usual stuff.  If you’ve seen one LR COP, you’ve seen them all.


-Give me 5:  Mosey up the long awaited open carillon steps and circle up.  All Vets (even Marines) take 1 step in.  Go around the circle and state your service, pax gives each member 5 burpees.  Vets present were:  Lab Rat, Honeydo, Bone Thug, and Bulkhead.  Then, go around the circle and each pax member calls out a vet they are close to.  Pax gives 5 merkins in honor of each vet.  Hardywood didnt not cry.

-Legs and abs day:  from bottom of amphitheater, 3 jump ups on each step to the top.  From the top, 3 V-ups on each step to the bottom.

-7’s on the Rusty Cage:  6 pullups or jerkins, 1 Captain Thor.  -1/+1 until you get to 1 pullup, 6 Capt. Thor.

-Beast:  Across the Carillon field:  Merkins, WW2 situps, DEEP squats, monkey humpers, Wilson’s punching bag????


This is the only themed workout that I will do….unless you count the disc golf.  I stumbled on this a couple years ago, and it’s just too good to not make an annual thing.  Hardywood is an emotional dude, and told me after for the third year in a row, he got choked up talking about his grandfather in the circle.  I like to spread the wealth across my vet heavy family, but Papa Kenney got the nod again this year for obvious reasons.  S;pit needed to leave early, so we shuffled this to the front of the workout.  It was great being able to head up to the top of the Carillon after being off of it for a year.  If I read correctly, it’s open thru Monday, then closed for another year as they continue renovations…

The rest of the workout was great, with lots of banter….some at my expense.  This morning would have been a great morning to catch some sunrise on the bridge, but I didnt want the pax to get too spread out.  Tomorrow’s run should be glorious, though.

Thanks to Bulkhead for making the trip down at my prodding.  I hope that he realizes that my picking at the Marines is totally in jest, and I have nothing but mad respect for those that wear the uniform.  Happy Birthday, Marine!

HoneyDo dropped some bad news on us, that a friend of his (a veteran) took his life this week, after battling PTSD.  Love, comfort and prayers to you, your family and to his family.  This is tough to hear.

Also, good to meet Bone Thug.  Glad to have you in the pax, my man!

Apology of the Week goes out to UpChuck for stomping on his backwards counting.  I wanted a 10 count, and by God, I was getting one!


Lab Rat apologizes…


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    -Viral will be happy to give you his cold if you come to Hammers and Ales tonight! Either that or a few beers. There will be several F3 dudes there tonight and some M’s, so come out and have a few drinks for a great cause.

    -7 spots remaining for Bear Creek 10 miler. Sign up now or miss out. Lab Rat knows the back door way to sign up as well, surprise surprise.

    -GrowRuck is coming in March. Find a backpack, some duct tape and bricks.

    -Vinny’s wife has got mad skillz, and has published a book! Release and signing party is this Thursday from 4-7 at Ruth and Ollie in Carytown. Free beer! also food…

    What did I miss???

  2. A big old happy birthday to the Marines…a special breed for sure.

    And, massive RESPECT and thank you to all our Vets!!

    And, thoughts and prayers for your friend and the family and friends left behind, HoneyDo. So sorry to hear that news.

    Sorry to have missed this working again, but it was too nice a day to run 13 miles. I couldn’t pass that up!

    Have a great rest of the weekend men!

  3. This was a great and sober experience all around. Today we celebrated, honored and mourned. To be where we were, and sharing all of it with y’all was a true privilege. Thank you.

    (Odd segue). My wife illustrated a children’s book (A to Z) about The Homestead. The books and original paintings from the book will be available for purchase on Thur. Both the author and illustrator will be there to sign copies. Please come out and enjoy the free beer and food. Check out the book and art as well.

  4. Loved having the Carillon open to us. Always look forward to this one Lab Rat. Please keep the Krat family, especially his widow, in your prayers. We have fun while posting but in all seriousness Giving it Away is important because F3 can really help Sad Clowns. I promise to EH some new guys this week.
    Kudos to Handshake on naming 3 family members, you don’t have to follow lab rats rules!

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q Labrat. Tears in my eyes as we did merkins for those who served and went before us.
    Thinking about your friend and you Honeydo during this time.
    There is indeed a mental health crisis in this country – let us continue to do our part to help solve this problem by continuing to promote and post @ F3RVA.
    Proud of all our boys who rocked the marathon today – great job guys – way to work !
    See y’all in the gloom…

  6. I really enjoyed today, I was glad to see Bulkhead out there representing the Marine Corps. The Carillon was a beautiful backdrop for the workout. The Merkins were great.

    Praying for the Krat family.

    Happy Veteran’s day to our veterans. Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps and Happy Founders Day to my fellow Keydets.

  7. Great Q Lab Rat. I can’t believe I’ve been to this for all 3 years. This is one of those workouts that will really stand out for me. Vinny summed it up beautifully on Twitter yesterday. Yes, I got a little teary eyed and no one was more surprised than me that my allergies seemed to kick in at that exact moment I was paying homage to my Pop. My grandfather was my hero and the bravest, kindest most selfless person I’ve ever known. They just do not make men like that anymore. The closest I’ve found over the years has been the men in this group. It is also of note, that there is no other place where I could let my guard down without ridicule or judgement.

    Big thanks to Honey Do for sharing about his friend and the very real challenges facing our veterans. It is a damn shame the world is losing men like that and the terrible ripple effect it has on their families. I appreciate the encouragement to do some EHing. Consider it done.

    Have a great rest of your weekend fellas. Get it all out, dig a little deeper and be super.

  8. Gentlemen, this was a special morning, and I thank you for letting me be a part of it and share it with you. To those who have served, I thank you for putting the country ahead of yourselves, your safety, and your time with family. Lost in our thanks for those who serve is that the military requires long hours, even when not deployed, and many times results in minor, persistent injuries. My thanks to those who gave a portion of their life and body.

    HoneyDo, you brought me into this group, and I’ve been fortunate to learn from the leadership each man brings. I’ll pray for your friend, his family, and your family.

    There is definitely a crisis of purpose among men, and we have a role to play. EHing is a part of that, and let’s individually remember our role in leading those for whom F3 is not an option.