Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Running Through the Basics


3 able-bodied men arrived at the Twin Team parking lot for a Rosie led partial tour of the AO.  With the other 2 PAX being Radar (FNG from Tuesday) and Doozy, he of only a handful of workouts, YHC took the Q.

Warmarama w/ SSH, Helicopters, IW, merkins, LBC

Mosey around to the are near the football field for a 6 pack.  1 pullup run to sidewalk 5 WWII – repeato to 5 and 1.

Parking lot 4 corners – start w/ 5 burpees, 10 jump squats, 20 merkins, 30 Freddie Mercurys, back to the start for 40 mountain climbers.

Over to the school for Triple Check – Donkey Kicks, lunges, run to a light pole and back.

Back to the parking lot for 11s between light poles – merkins and Box Cutters

Up to the field – cross the field with 30 bear crawl steps, 20 lunges, 10 bunny hops, 5 broad jump burpees, 30 bear crawls, lunges to the end.

Finish with some Randorama – FK, Peter Parker, Werkins, Dollies, Rosalita, Invisible Jump ropes, APD…maybe others.

Great to have the small group and get to know Doozy and Radar.  After the beat down YHC learned that both prefer running, had I known that we could have put on some miles.  With the limited F3 experience from other PAX, YHC decided to give them some standard F3 material for the next hot potato.

Hammers and Ales tomorrow night.  There’s still time.

Coats to Marmaduke.

GrowRuck March 22-24 – Honeydo has the info


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